Call of Duty Modern Warfare Cross Play – Here Is How It Works

One of the most iconic FPS games out there, Call of Duty, has cross play functionality. Xbox and PC players recently had a taste of what it was all about. Here is how it works.

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ramiuk133d ago (Edited 33d ago )

first thing i did was turn crossplay off.
in regards to the game im loving it

BenRC0133d ago

There's players hitting 30 kills 1 death on some matches. Guessing it's a kb/m hack.
Also is the ps4 beta not 4k hdr like the x? Tried both and my Pro beta is still the same as last week. It looks glorious on the x

Hungryalpaca33d ago

They’re not hacks. KBM is just far superior to a controller.

BenRC0132d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Well obviously, I used to hack q3 dreamcast servers years ago.
Point is there not supposed to be matched up, its controller vs controller only.