World of Warcraft DDOS Attacker Arrested

The perpetrator behind the World of Warcraft DDOS attacks earlier this month has been arrested.

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colins32d ago

the fact that he was actually caught is pretty significant. that means you WILL be found if you want to disrupt games.

Nitrowolf232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I think it’s more to do with the fact that they decided to announce and post on a public forum of the attack. Probably just some kid that thinks DDOS is some elite skill of hacking and forgot to mask his IP or whatever

I would say if they didn’t try to take credit they probably could have gotten away with it

xTonyMontana32d ago

Most high profile DDOS attackers get caught, it doesn't take advanced IT/Programming skills to use at all so they're usually sloppy in their opsec (defensive measures to protect themselves from getting caught) and like this idiot couldn't resist, had to make a post about it on reddit drawing attention to themselves.

GoGoGadge731d ago

I mean this genius linked his social profiles. We had him pinned the second he thought he was actually "hacking" anything. Literally, within like 3 seconds we knew who he was.

rainslacker31d ago

Means they weren't very good at doing it. A good and highly coordinated DDOS is hard to track down, because usually the people that set it up, don't make the actual connections. They just initiate the call for other client computers to do so.

Probably got caught because they announced it before hand. If you have your security team ready for it, and looking for it, it makes it easier to track down....especially since reddit will release user info with warrants for information, and VPN's aren't a guarantee of anonymity.

That said, even if the people attacking didn't make a public proclamation of the attack before hand, there are back channels where these things get discussed by those wanting to coordinate something, and people in IT security know where to find that information. They even watch this stuff being talked about before it happens sometimes. High end IT security often employs hackers who are better at stuff than people who just do DDoS. They know how to back track and find people.

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Dark-soul32d ago ShowReplies(1)
SegaSaturn66932d ago

We all knew it was Gabe Newell all along out of jealousy.

Argosax32d ago

Imagine ruining your life and spending years in jail just because you're an idiot.

roadkillers32d ago

So... 99% of the people in jail

rainslacker31d ago

Imagine these people going around saying, "I'm a leet hacker". Guess they'll fit in at the minimum security prison, where there aren't a lot of leet hackers, because leet hackers are a lot harder to catch, and usually end up in maximum security because they perform bigger more damaging hacks.

harmny32d ago

Imagine ddosing a 15 year old game and going to jail. Who I'm kidding I wanted to play that day I was pissed.

MatrixxGT32d ago

He did overwatch as well. He was hitting twitch and Wikipedia for whatever reason. I saw most of it going down while this fool posted on twitter and idiot had his Facebook profile linked to it. Didn’t take long before people exposed him.

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