Konami can begin to fix its reputation with Contra: Rogue Corps

Konami Europe president Masami Saso has gone on record saying that the company is planning to release more console games "with other globally known IPs in the near future." With that goal in mind, the release of Contra Rogue Corps grows in importance.

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gangsta_red31d ago

Contra: Rogue Corps looks horrible, like some generic shoot 'em up that Konami decided to slap Contra on it because Contra is a known IP.

Nicknasty30d ago

Its pretty fun when you sit down and actually play it. Also took me back to some old school gameplay, so thats a good thing. Doesnt have the best graphics in the world, but for some reason i couldnt put it down till i completed the demo.

At first glance and play i thought what is this garbage? Then i got sucked in. I guess you could say its maybe one of those guilty pleasure things. Will be getting it on PS4.

gangsta_red30d ago

That does sound interesting. I may try it now just on that experience you had. I just wish Konami would make a more serious Contra in lines with Shattered Soldier for consoles.

CrimsonWing6930d ago

No offense but are you just saying this from watching the trailer? I’ve been reading people’s reactions to the demo and I’m noticing a lot of people really liking it.

gangsta_red30d ago

Yes, from what I have seen it doesn't look anything like the past Contra's or a direction the past ones had. It looks like a shooter that Konami made and decided to put Contra on it, something along the lines of Metal Gear Survive.

Sgt_Slaughter30d ago

Rogue Corps was teased all the way back in 2011, which explains why it looks like a game that should have released on the PS3/Wii/Xbox 360

Einhander197130d ago

Total embarrassment to the contra series.

Iceman100x30d ago

yeah anyone that says this is shit is fun or good is a idiot.

Welshy30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I wouldn't go that far. You can find enjoyment in a garbage game and still acknowledge it as garbage overall.

Objectively Fallout 76 is by far Bethesdas worst game, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have bursts of good fun dicking around the wasteland.

On topic though, it really does look like they pulled a "Metal Gear" Survive and just slapped a name on a game that it doesn't deserve.

Iceman100x30d ago

This game is an insult, and obviously was made to be a cheap cell phone game from the look of it. They will never regain what they had before, and this is proof of that.

Nicknasty30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Have you even tried the demo at least? I highly doubt it. Youre simply making judgement on what some are saying and footage. I got a chance to play thru the entire demo and its really not that bad.

Its actually kinda fun! Its more along the lines of Neo Contra that was on the PS2. Also, Nakazato that worked on all the old Contra games is doing this one, so it cant be that bad. Its not gonna blow you away of course with its graphics, but its gameplay is what really matters here and i enjoyed the demo.

Im currently playing all the big titles right now, and have an overwhelming backlog. Still wanna pick this one up from what ive experienced and seen. Ive played many of the original old contra games and i like it. Gonna be different, but it still feels somewhat like a Contra game to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.