Top 10 Best and Most Iconic Video Game HUDs

Nelia writes: "There have been plenty of video game HUDs within plenty of video games. Here are a few we think are some of the best designed."

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sprinterboy398d ago

10) why hunt the super dangerous dinosaurs?

There not dinosaurs and you hunt them for materials, plus it's a game ffs to enjoy. What you want to do, make daisy chains.

9) how do the ancient facilities still have power?

Because its a mental advanced facilities to rebuild the world , its not a celeron pc you know.

8) The robo animals are really weak?

They were built to rebuild not fight and there not animals.

6) hades pitiful last act?

Personally I wouldn't say pitiful, subjective.

5) why isn't everybody fighting the death desthbringer?

So just like any other game or movie then. (why isn't everyone fighting the enemy)

4) you answered that yourself, hesitant, scared, not sure on her or wait till she's older to see what happens. (it's not a plot hole)

3) why does gaia have a protocol? (REALLY)

I'm literally not even gonna bother answering that one (did you play and understand the story)

2) how does hades have a physical form?

Again literally not even gonna bother answering that one.

1) why not nuke the faro plague?

Again why are you even asking, did you play the game?

I don't think this person knows what plot holes means.

Save yourself a click.