Kotaku: Persona 4 Impressions

Kotaku writes: "Persona 4 perfects the high school dungeon crawling formula, spacing dungeons out with story-driven themes and adding more plot points and suspense to angst over. Also, now you can go fishing, which is exactly like fishing in most other RPGs that make you fish - except for your have to button mash quite a bit more. Essentially, Persona 4 is Persona 3: it looks the same, plays the same, and most of the enemies and Personae are exactly the same. And it's on PS2, which is kind of lame, because the PS3 has been out for a while now and sooner or later Atlus will have to catch up (and not with another Operation Darkness, please.)"

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Homicide3655d ago

This game keeps on looking better and better. We're less than a month away.