The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening: 5 other video game remakes with drastic changes

App Trigger: "A remake of classic Game Boy game The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening comes to Nintendo Switch this week and it looks very different from the original. Here are five other video game remakes that had some pretty drastic changes from the original release."

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Secret Of Mana's Dazzling World Of Colour Opened My Eyes

Secret of Mana recently turned 30 years old in Japan, and to celebrate this seminal action RPG's anniversary, Alana of Nintendo Life is reminiscing about how the game's use of colour inspired a fascination with RPG worlds...

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The Best Disney Games Ever Made

The Disney video game legacy was huge enough to saturate the gaming industry covering generations of the gaming history.

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10 Best Disney Games Ever Made, Ranked

Despite Walt Disney's mixed history with video games, these games embody the magic of Disney the best.

When you think of Disney and video games, the first image that comes to your head could be a variety of things. Perhaps it's Kingdom Hearts, which remains one of the best Square Enix games due in little part to Disney’s influence.

Otherwise, it could be a classic game, since Disney has been mostly absent from the gaming world lately, save for some mobile ventures. Whether it be a nostalgic adventure with classic characters or a movie tie-in that makes an impression, let’s dust off Disney’s videogame legacy and find those quality standouts.

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gold_drake195d ago

listen .. Donald Duck in Maui Mallard
and World of illusion are the best disney games.