Gears of War 2 Multiplayer Patch Requests

"We spent almost all weekend with Gears of War 2. We beat the campaign and horde and jumped into the matchmaking for some competitive multiplayer.

While the offering is definitely improved over the original Gears of War, we noticed some problems that we'd like to see addressed in Epic's first title update that is hopefully coming soon.


* Weapon Sliding - Weapon sliding (picking up weapons while moving) appears to be back and definitely ruins the map balance. The game is designed in a way that makes picking up a power weapon immediately usually results in a quick death as the pickup animation plays. Being able to grab the Boomshot while moving into cover hurts the multiplayer, especially since this was a bug in the first Gears of War..."

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truehunter3631d ago

im Amaze IGN, Gamestop or w/e rating this game so high with out saying anything about these bugs n glitch. Such a great Game web realy man such a respectable stuff.

shovelbum3631d ago

I have a big issue with getting into matches. It has been taking way to long to find a match. The other night it was taking me and my brother 5-7 minutes to get into a match. We eventually just played COD4 instead. I want to play the game not spend an hour a night looking for a match.

kwicksandz3631d ago

Check these links to two australian gaming forums

I guarantee you that there will be at least 3 threads on both from people who cant find a decent game in gears 2 because the matchmaking keeps matching them to overseas players.

COd4 was ruined by this yet COD5 and halo 3 have a way to specify only to be only matched to players in your region. Why oh why did none of the reviews mention this??? because they are all written by americans whom this issue doesnt effect.


ChrisGTR13631d ago

lol,2 million players online and only minor bugs like these , if this game were on ps3 the whole servers would be down/laggy/broken just like every online game for ps3 was. socom LBP warhawk mgs4

Cherchez La Ghost3631d ago

I really just don't get it. Everyone is b1tching about the Shotty!! I have no problems laying no one down with it. That "Elbow-swing & Shoot" move is not effective like it used to be. Still works, but not like it used to be. I have no complaints about gameplay of Multiplayer. But the load time when the match begins is a little long.

ChampIDC3631d ago

I've found that if I just take another quarter of a second to line up the shotgun shot, it's a hell of a lot more effective. It's easy to get kills in 1-2 shots every time if you actually aim at their chest.

I have to agree with the article that the Lancer is pretty darn lame now, though. They need to add something along the lines of a short cooldown time to when you can start revving the Lancer again after you take any damage. You can literally run up to people and mash B and chainsaw them through getting hit by a shotgun, since the shotty doesn't fire fast enough to continually interrupt the chainsaw.

Still love the game though. Balance issues are always there at the start. Things will probably even out as people point this stuff out.

thematrix12983631d ago

Gears 2(which is Gears 1.5) becomes Gears 3(which is Gears 1.5.1) after the patch...right xbots?

Ps3Fanboy7773631d ago

Lets see if we can make it all 3 games... Come on GlitchyB...

maruchan27six3631d ago

It sucks if glitches hinder the flow of multiplayer gameplay.How can they miss those during the tests.

I want to see PP's comment on this, or PatchStation3 since it is about patch.

Harry1903631d ago

competitive multiplayer for some reason.

But the coop is much better.

snoopgg3631d ago

They jumped all over Socom for being released broken, but none are in here telling us how glitchy Gears of War 2 is. Oh I forgot microsoft doesn't do that to its customers!!!

L Ronald Hubbard3631d ago

I'm very surprised to see you here.

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