Death Stranding Players Can Transform the World’s Terrain by Building Roads, Highways, and More

This is the power of the Social Strand System.

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IRetrouk30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

another one, no new info, just other sites work being reported on, even though the info is already on

IamTylerDurden130d ago (Edited 30d ago )

It's not like everybody knew this information. It's pretty awesome actually. And even if it's not breaking news, it's still valuable information on the game that some people may have missed.

I know Gaming Bolt is terrible, but this is the type of Death Stranding info that should be getting out there rather than the same old Kojima and MGSV hate pieces. Of course the usual "Death Stranding is a walking sim" bullshit and "Kojima needs to be reeled in" nonsense. I'll take interesting, informative bits about the actual game over that garbage any day. There were numerous articles questioning what you actually do in the game, questioning the social aspect, and essentially begging for info. So let a few articles come out that answer some of these questions even if they are slightly redundant.

IRetrouk30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

im not saying everybody knows the info, but its already available on the site, through the actual sites that done the work, all these sites breaking up interviews and misquoting, along with repeating what other articles have already covered will do more damage than a few troll pieces, you realize all these articles are coming from 3 main places? 2 interviews and the video presentation from tgs, which are all on n4g muliple times already. by the time the game comes out people will be sick of reading the same thing every day, which is whats happening now. i cant wait for death stranding, dont let my distaste for this kind of game journalism cloud the fact that i am really hyped for death stranding. i have no problems with info etc being released, just the sites using others work to repeat what they have already said.

Shezgear30d ago

I wonder what happens if you play the game without internet connection? I might do that just to avoid some players ruining my first experience by building lots of random stuff in my path