Crispy Gamer: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 Review

Crispy Gamer writes: "Wrestling wasn't always SmackDown vs. Raw. In fact, it's been a sport since the 9th century B.C., since the mid-Iron Age, when the massive, 74,000-verse "Mahabharata" was written in India. As one gruesome tale from that ancient tome goes, the strong, wrathful Bhima was more powerful than 10,000 elephants. He was pitted against angry king Jarasandha in a throw-down so ugly, so nasty, it certainly didn't last a mere 10 minutes like some of the WrestleMania bouts. The epic fight lasted nearly a month and ended Mortal Kombat-style, with Bhima ripping Jarasandha into two pieces. Talk about being rent asunder".

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