10 Things God of War 4 Does Better Than Other PS4 Games

God of War 4 is the best video game on the PS4. Here’s a few things that back this up by looking at everything from its bloody combat to Kratos and other strong characters.

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ArchangelMike26d ago

I agree with the article, but I think the one thing God of War did very well that made it such a success was innovation. It breathed new life into an old franchise. Not many games have been able to do that successfully. I still remember the epic-fail reboot attempts like Medal of Honour War fighter, and X-com:The Bureau.

Nacho_Z25d ago

I liked GoW a lot and it was only the second game I got the platinum for but for me the best game exclusive to the PS4 is Bloodborne. Better and more varied combat, far better boss fights and more interesting environments and lore.

DVAcme25d ago

"the best game exclusive to the PS4 is Bloodborne"


SyntheticForm25d ago

It just is.

Nothing I've played on the PS4 has been more fun than Bloodborne. Just a very special game.

gangsta_red25d ago

I really enjoyed Bloodborne, Until Dawn and Persona 5 (not really exclusive) were flawless PS4 exclusive games. GoW was a really good game and I enjoyed it but I had my criticisms that kept it from being up there with the likes of the games I just mentioned.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash25d ago

@gangsta_red It is a "Playstation" exclusive. We love playing those games right?

gangsta_red25d ago


Lol, i keep forgetting the disclaimers for exclusives nowadays. I personally enjoyed those games, yes.

SyntheticForm25d ago

My criticism is the kid.

He's annoying in combat. Stand back, shut up, and fire your arrows.

I thought he was a little batshit when he started carving up that troll - kid just got really aggressive out of nowhere.

gangsta_red25d ago


"kid just got really aggressive out of nowhere."

Definitely one of my criticisms of the game was the kid. Very annoying during the middle of the game.

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FernDiggidy25d ago

I fucking love Bloodborne!!! But GOW's combat though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DaDrunkenJester25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

I agree that GoW was spectacular. I personally prefer the original combat, design, and boss fights though. Original GoW had so much more variety and combo's with its weapons, and power moves/combos weren't locked behind cool downs. GoW recycled a lot of the same fights and the dark elfs are just boring characters.

But the enemy and boss fights can definitely improve. Hopefully more weapons are introduced as well, the axe just felt so boring. Once I got my blades back that's pretty much all I used unless I HAD to use the axe.

FernDiggidy25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Here's an unpopular opinion. I loved both the old and new GOW combat systems. GIVE ME MORE GOW BABY!

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The story is too old to be commented.