Microsoft won't reveal Xbox Live Monthly Active Users going forward

Ever since the Xbox One failed to take off in comparison to the PlayStation 4, Microsoft has stopped reporting sales figures for its hardware. Now, it seems like the company will only disclose growth going forward. However, this may be due to the fact that it's focusing on Xbox Game Pass.

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Srhalo31d ago

Obfuscate, double count, or just make up numbers and what ever you do don't give any information that can be verified as true by any outside source.

solideagle30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

MS: We had 100% sales increase from last month
Reality: 1000 units to 2000 units
Fanboys: MS is killing it
Journalists: Is Sony in trouble? what can Sony do to counter this growth
Me: -_-

it's a joke guys, dont kill me :)

RosweeSon30d ago

Very funny and even more true.

RpgSama30d ago

Ms: We had a record breaking Rainy Tuesday with over 236% over the last Rainy Tuesday.

P.s: notice how I didn't actually said anything about anything, because now we cannot mention sales or MAU and in Microsoft's they always select very specific metrics to say anything about.

bouzebbal30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

True fact right there.
Highest growth in Japan ever 300% from 10 to 30 a week!!!

gravedigger30d ago

Funny and pretty accurate. LOL

30d ago
sushimama30d ago

That's glorious, hilarious and nefarious

S2Killinit30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Lol thats not just a joke, its a social commentary.

trooper_30d ago

That’s closer to reality than you think, lmao.

alb189930d ago

You could be right I don't know and I'm not interested either. What I know is how satisfied I am with the gamepass and all my friends are. You guys can waist your time talking about how bad is MS to the industry and how low are their sales and bad their games but I have never have so much options of great games to play in my entire life.
And all this games for so little and with free enhanced for the X and for the next gen. I really can't be more happy as a gamer.

DarXyde29d ago

The despicable part of this is that the arguments will boil down to "Xbox has seen an increase in units sold 50x that of last month in Japan, demonstrating strong growth", meanwhile, skeptics will say "50x from what? 1 unit on launch day? (this actually happened with Xbox 360, if I recall)"

That skepticism will be justified, but you'll be called a hater for it. Undoubtedly.

My bottom line really is caring about Nintendo sales and Playstation sales. I care about the health of those two platforms since they're my go-to devices. I've already made the decision to not get the next Xbox because, without failure, I end up with buyer's remorse.

I care about Xbox reporting of numbers in that I will very likely have to hear about it from the devoted users who will very likely be denialist in their grief and overtly compensatory in their satisfaction.

Needless to say, I think the Xbox fanboys are about to get much more annoying.

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GottaBjimmyb30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Question, why do you care? Do the games play better if you know sales?

Makes no sense that people that are not investors and have no stake in the platform/games/etc are so adamant about sales. Even more weird considering you don't even own the console you are whining about not having sales statstics on....

Unless you just bought one within the last 16 hours... from you 16 hours ago:

"Why would I waste 300-500 on an xbox when I could use that money to buy actual games for my PlayStation or PC?

16h ago"

Now suddenly you demand sales numbers? Makes sense....

30d ago
ChristopherJack30d ago

He didn't say that he didn't want numbers, he questioned its importance to a Sony fan boy. People need to stop being presumptuous.

Questioning one's objectivity doesn't automatically mean that they disagree. I can't stand the Sony fanboys on this site yet I easily prefer the PS4 platform over the Xbox One.

I think most responses here are juvenile, petty attempts at attacking fellow gamers who simply prefer a different platform, though I'm curious as to MS' decision to stop providing numbers.

rainslacker30d ago

If no one should care, then why does MS keep talking about how well they're doing?

GottaBjimmyb30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

@kohox "Uh why do you not want them to reveal numbers?"

I don't "not want the numbers" just don't care either way. The two important things are am I happy with the product and do they intend to continue to make the product to both of which we are able to answer without sales. Hell, they already announced a new console gen and acquired like 10 studios.

"People asking them to report a verifiable metric is actually the normal thing, not reporting sales is the exception."

Normal how? Do you ask for sales numbers for movies, tv shows ad revenue? Walmart or amazon sales numbers? Why not? Because it isn't normal and is irrelevant as a consumer.

Still doesn't answer why someone who doesn't own the console cares.

@rainslacker "If no one should care, then why does MS keep talking about how well they're doing?"

It's called marketing, they want to generate hype for their platform, that said, should they say how poorly they are doing? Plus their revenue seems to imply they are doing fine financially at least, and them being happy with the product as a company is always good to know as it means they intend to keep it up.

Also, I never said no one should care, just that sales are over emphasized by people with no stake and especially so with people who do not even own the console...

Godmars29030d ago

If MS, the Xbox division, is going to promote themselves as an industry leader, a company that needs to be emulated and followed, then they need to show the numbers to back it up. Xbox can't just stand behind MS's influence while insisting microtransactions should be standard. That exclusives and single player games don't matter.

HentaiElmo30d ago

Why do you care what they think are you been paid to change people minds about Xbox and paint it in a good light?
Let the ex 360 fanboys turned PlayStation fan have their numbers or does it make a difference in your Xbox experience that they’re talking numbers and making fun of Microsoft tight lips on sale when last gen they was all over the place and in your face with SALES SALES SALES

GottaBjimmyb30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

@godmars "Xbox can't just stand behind MS's influence while insisting microtransactions should be standard. That exclusives and single player games don't matter."

I have never heard xbox or MS dictate what the industry should do. More so, if the sales aren't matching the rhetoric you claim, then would it matter? Not sure your point here....

@elmo "Why do you care what they think are you been paid to change people minds about Xbox and paint it in a good light?"

When did I paint xbox in a good light? And I am not trying to change peoples minds, just saying my opinion in a comment section, the place where you state opinions. I was curious to hear why everyone is so worried about sale number, but especially why someone who doesn't even own the thing cares about sale numbers....

My opinion: I don't think knowing the sales for the entire spectrum of the gaming industry is necessary as a consumer. More so, if you are not a consumer, that expectation makes even less sense. Has nothing to do with MS or xbox being good or bad or anything. Would say the same thing if Sony or Nintendo chose not to give sales numbers. In fact, I honestly don't even know if they do, at least if they do directly or if it just is coming through third parties like npd, because it really has nothing to do with what I get out of the consoles.

P.S. I own all 3 (even the newest iterations Pro/X) just never got more enjoyment out of any of them after hearing or not hearing sales statistics and don't know anyone who has.

trooper_30d ago

Sales is what gets you more games and companies pushing harder to gain more money from you.

I’m sorry but where was this narrative when the XBox brand was doing so well a decade ago?

neutralgamer199230d ago


because of last gen and PR people like major nelson who couldn't stop boasting about sales now can't run away from that

GottaBjimmyb30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

@trooper "I’m sorry but where was this narrative when the XBox brand was doing so well a decade ago?"

IDK, did you care back then? Or only now? I personally didn't care in either case and wasn't on this site then so can't really speak to the question. Not sure how you being annoyed by it then, but participating in the thing that annoyed you then now because it suits you hardly makes a good point.

"Sales is what gets you more games and companies pushing harder to gain more money from you."

Maybe, but even if you get sales numbers, you do no know what number is considered a success. Square enix sold over 4mil copies of the Tomb raider and considered it a failure, other companies sell 100k copies and consider it a major success, so...

However, even assuming that is the reason, still doesn't explain why people who don't own and don't plan to own the thing are worried about sales then.

Also, sales aren't necessarily the only measure of success in this industry, especially considering MS revenue was up 8% for xbox despite 19% lower sales in hardware ...

@neutral "because of last gen and PR people like major nelson who couldn't stop boasting about sales now can't run away from that"

Again, so you thought it was annoying then to give sales numbers, but now think it is great? Makes no sense.

Godmars29030d ago

We already don't have the sales numbers to back up anything MS says. Haven't had them for years as MS fell on online user numbers and division profits and often they say "The best in Xbox history."

If they're now falling back on profit reports, then that could be anything that shows a profit while not accounting for costs much less game sales or use. It could be nothing more than service charges and whatever user data and metrics they could get away with selling to advertisers and the like.

As for not seeing how the 360 influenced the market when everything was a FPS to follow after COD and Halo, how nearly everything has to do with online when MS pushed for online, no, I wouldn't expect that you would.

GottaBjimmyb30d ago

@godmars "As for not seeing how the 360 influenced the market when everything was a FPS to follow after COD and Halo, how nearly everything has to do with online when MS pushed for online, no, I wouldn't expect that you would."

IDK how you keep going back to the 360 (or OG xbox for online) over and over again, a console that launched in 2005 and was succeeded in 2013, not to mention they are about to release a second new console gen since 360. Plus why do you use 360 as an example when you said that was when they gave sales numbers? You said they shouldn't be able to influence the industry without sales numbers, so wouldn't example from then make more sense? Weird choice.

kayoss30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

i bet your name is Kyle and you significant other is named Karen.

Godmars29030d ago

Again, if you can't see how the 360 era was the Xbox's best, verifiable, effort, dismiss how they lead the FPS craze, or you have a better verifiable example of an Xbox market success, you're just a waste of time frankly.

DaveZero30d ago

You can guarantee if next gen was other way round and the Sony fanboys would move onto something new, untill that can't be used, onto something new, until that can't be used, the forever roundabout courtesy of fanboys.

343_Guilty_Spark29d ago (Edited 29d ago )


The data is really only valuable to investors. How do sales figures help or enhance gaming?


Sales get you more games? By the looks of it all three platform have hundreds of games. No major third party has stopped publishing on Xbox. Not a single one.


Has Microsoft given any recent statement declaring they are a market leader? All I've heard is GamePass, GamePass, GamePass...never we're leaders.

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rainslacker30d ago

As a general rule of thumb, and even not with just MS but a lot of companies, the more qualifiers you see added to the sentence that states how well it's doing, the more likely it is performing in the opposite direction. Everything has to always seem like it's going in a positive direction, especially with consumers, who don't like to buy into dying things, unless they're really cheap.

GamerLife30d ago

Even if they're cheap, I don't see the point in buying them.

RacerX29d ago

I'm just surprised that this Comment section about MS sales numbers is so toxic.

DaveZero30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Think your making stuff up or double counting ideas in your head.

Point blank what does it even matter, as others on here have pointed it out it's just a stupid fan boy thing, about time you all moved on.

Console war was fun between sega and Nintendo, now you all go on about numbers in a pointless ever circling cycle.

Srhalo29d ago

Who started the discussion about numbers? I believe that was Microsoft. And you better believe that if they were winning they would still be bragging.

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XiNatsuDragnel31d ago

Basically running away from criticism? lol?

LordJamar30d ago

How does this excuse them from
Criticism? Microsoft has enough haters to fill a small country this just takes away some of there ammo they got plenty left tho

30d ago
ChristopherJack30d ago

If you've noticed, it hasn't taken away any of their ammo, rather merely transforming it.

Instead of the morons that frequent this site laughing amongst themself than MS has lower numbers, they're now laughing at that and that MS is no longer providing the numbers.

S2Killinit30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

More like a way to deceive, not running away from criticism.

neutralgamer199230d ago


how is this taking any ammo away from them? if next xbox does better than ps5 you best believe ms will release any and all numbers. Xbox360 they couldn't stop boasting only now that they are so far behind it doesn't make sense

XiNatsuDragnel30d ago

@lordjamar and jock

You guys don't understand they're running away from the criticism that it is underperforming switch and PS4! It's not ammo which it is covenant to their decision. People need to stop seeing from tinted glasses lol

DaveZero30d ago

You always get that feeling on this sight, personally i dont hate any devs, I think it's childish considering they bring us games.

Hate is something I'd aim towards someone who did something sick and deserved the hate, this fanboy nonsense from people is just sheer immature behaviour.

343_Guilty_Spark29d ago


You must be 5. Console Wars have existed since the beginning of console gaming. Absolute tribalism.

XiNatsuDragnel28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


Microsoft is not giving info to know the health of something and that concerns me that's my issue?

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PhoenixUp31d ago

No hardware sales, software sales and now no MAU.

Seems like Microsoft doesn’t want to use any metric that people could directly compare it to Sony.

sushimama31d ago

I remember the good ol' days of MAU. They used to be Microsoft's bread and butter. Looks like the poor Mau's have fallen out of favor with MS. Maybe because they refused to change. MS just keep shifting the Goalposts. So good for a laugh

30d ago
LordJamar30d ago

Microsoft has done nothing but change in fact it’s why people hate them

UltraNova30d ago

Sony should come out with there own PR metrics - this month we sold that many PlayStations which was 75% more than the closest competitor wink wink..*

Just for laughs.

*Surely Sony and MS have insider info on how much each other sells.

GamerLife29d ago

Times are changing! But I agree with you

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Rude-ro30d ago

Percentages will be their pr spin.
They can be made to say anything positive.
That has been their thing this gen.
Now that game pass is out, they can spin “record breaking” because there is no history to knock it down and or they can say that all subscribers are part of a games success regardless if they use it or not.

Remember when a Windows was released and automatically downloaded to every pc that had a windows version? Even if people chose not to use it, it was still used per marketing a positive response although it was not.

fr0sty30d ago

Now let's look back to the Microsoft of 2006-7... where NPD numbers were spread around the world as if they applied globally, MAU numbers were screamed from the mountaintops... looks like that wide open mouth got smacked shut.

Perhaps a bit of forced humility will do them some good, force them to innovate something for a change.

AmUnRa30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

O they will invent a new metric that will make it even more diffucult to know what they really mean with it and tells you absolutly nothing, zero, nadda.
But they will twist and turn it in something positive for MS.😋

30d ago
rainslacker30d ago

MAU's are not a good metric to compare anyways. MS bundles in PC gamers, or just people who log into through their phone. If they had number of paid subscribers, then it would be something that would be easily comparable.

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ziggurcat31d ago

It's not even a valid metric to measure success to begin with.

Atom66631d ago

We went from MAUs being a meaningless metric, to now crying that they're hiding useful information by not reporting MAUs. Interesting times...

ziggurcat30d ago

They may as well have hid it from the beginning since it’s not accurate information. The problem with it is they count anyone who has ever booted a particular game, regardless of whether they spent 5 minutes on it, and deleted or 500 hours. MAU numbers would be valid if they actually only counted the active users, but then they wouldn’t be able to make it seem like a game is as successful as their fluffed up numbers suggest.

It probably wouldn’t have even been a thing if MS hadn’t been so adamant about touting those numbers for the last however many years. They have a pattern of hiding things as soon as it doesn’t make them look more successful than their competitors.

IRetrouk30d ago

we also went from maus being a better measure of success to not mattering now... interesting times...

Atom66630d ago

Fanboys are hypocrites? Who would have guessed...

Hopefully we still get VGChartz to fuel that insatiable lust for console war ammunition.

IRetrouk30d ago

exactly my point, i dont really care one way or the other to be clear, i always thought maus were being used to hide poor sales, i guess now we will never know. one things for certain, the console war will rage on with or without numbers being released.

The Wood30d ago

Ms were too embarrassed to report sales so they used slight of hand, moving the goalposts to front. Nobody respected mau as any kind of meaningful metric except Microsoft and their fans but now look. . .they're too embarrassed to report the metric they introduced. . . Continue with the double D of defence and deflect

Atom66630d ago

MS didn't introduce MAUs of course, but they seemed to think XBL engagement translated to something investors would care about. In principle I get it, but as others pointed out, it didn't mean too much. Honestly, those numbers were good even if they meant jack shit, so it's funny that they chose to drop those.

I haven't owned MS stock in many years, so I think I speak for most gamers when I say that we didn't care how many 360s they sold when they wouldn't shut up about it last gen, and we don't care how many people logged into XBL each month.

Just tell me when games are coming.

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rainslacker30d ago

I think I figured it out. MS realized it costs more to make up the PR metrics to save face, than they were making on Xbox, so they had to trim the to speak.

italiangamer31d ago

The braveness must be over 9000 at ms!