5 Ways Metal Gear Solid 5 Was The Best In The Series (& 5 Ways It Was An Underwhelming Finale)

From the grand scope of the game to its incomplete nature, here are some reasons why Metal Gear Solid 5 was a worthy finale (and why it wasn't).

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PhoenixUp601d ago

The game takes a nosedive after you deal with Skull Face. Nothin but repetitive missions to close out the story

HeisenbergX601d ago

I loooooved Mgs5 ! the gameplay and mechanics were the king and i played almost all of Mgs games but i understand why some fans don't like it as much. Don't blame the game too much for some of the missing content and lack off story compared to other Mgs games during the making of the game was the period where Konami was turning into dogshit as a company and things were heating up between Kojima and Konami so he made sure to put his name in there after every mission lol to make sure they know who's the real Big Boss of MGS.. epic win for him.

DaDrunkenJester601d ago

Best was narrative? Wtf are you smoking? haha

Yes the amount of options available to you to infiltrate bases was impressive and arguably the only good thing about MGSV. The actual open world is barren and boring. The missions and side ops (mostly side ops) recycle the same main bases. Sure you can try doing the base a million times with different equipment, but once you learn its layout it's really not fun anymore.

The AI was not very smart and easily tricked and manipulated. Due to the open world structure the AI seems to only focus on a cone in front of them and they all have very bad hearing.

MGSV is arguably one of the worst Metal Gears of the series, and not only because it was unfinished.

CrimsonWing69600d ago (Edited 600d ago )

LMAO! ok ok ok right, like for the first handful of missions then you realize they literally had nothing else so they stretched it out and recycled missions till they could say it’s a retail game.

There’s a reason Kojima was fired.

Hungryalpaca600d ago

They didn’t let him finish the game. Why you think he was fired is obviously not what happened. You sound like an angry teenagers who’s Barbie was flushed down the toilet by their abusive father.

CrimsonWing69600d ago

Do you understand how budget work? I'm not trying to be funny when I ask this, btw.

Also are you familiar with projected release dates and how much it costs when you market a game and miss said release date?

Now, again, I don't want to come off as snarky, but I'm trying to gauge how much you actually know other than being a mega Kojima fan and loving Metal Gear games even to the point where you can't recognize an unfinished game.

So, now I want you to put yourself in the position of running a company. You poor millions and millions of dollars into a project and you have an exceptionally talented developer that has a paid salary.

Are you familiar with how salaries work? It's different than getting paid hourly wages.

Now, again, you're dumping tons of money into a project and you have someone on a salary. Kojima doesn’t make any profit share on the game, he gets paid a certain amount no matter what, and continuously spends money while delaying a project (which, you as a company are continuously pouring money into) delaying has no effect on him since he has that good ol' salary pay.

Kojima was spending the budget on all kinds of things and upgrading the Fox Engine and then delaying further because the engine wasn’t ready, and Konami wasn’t happy with that because he gets his salary and does not take a profit share. So, here's the pickle you come to, you're losing money as a company while he gets paid regardless. That's not a business sense you want an employee to have and sometimes you have to make decisions that aren't exactly pleasant.

So, no, I'm not an angry teenager who's upset that a doll I don't have got flushed down the toilet. I'm just a fan of Kojima's work, but completely recognize that MGS V was not finished and Konami said enough is enough, you deliver a product by said date, much like EA did with Bioware and Anthem.

AK91600d ago

MGSV was the best controlling game in the series a shame narrative wise it was essentially a slap in the face of MGS fans.