Sirfetch’d is the Leek ‘Pokémon Sword’ Needed

Fortunately, Pokémon Sword specifically, has given more reason than just filling the pokédex for future Galar trainers to go seek out this elusive duck. Meet Sirfetch’d!

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NecrumOddBoy29d ago

Ok, now I like this Pokemon a lot.

-Foxtrot28d ago

It's cool looking and I'm glad he got an evolution but it's a shame they went with the Sword and Shield theme being a Knight with a...well....Sword and Shield

It comes off more like a Galar form not an evolution.

Teflon0227d ago

I never looked up the info on it. But I thought that it was a new form. Like it's own Pokemon based off Farfetch'd for the new region lol. That's kinda corny for a evolution imo, for the reason you said. To have such a theme for a evolution when that's the game name just seems forced. Especially when that's not common in pokemon as a whole

Welshy27d ago

I hope they're not too on the nose with the Galar region. Naturally they're going to play on tropes of the country that inspired it, but tea pots and knights are too easy and obvious for the UK.

I expect a few like that, but i hope they mix it up and have some clever uses of the culture too in addition to the obvious stuff.