A Closer Look at Gears 5’s Huge 3 Million Player Success; What it Means for Microsoft & Xbox

In the future, gamers will have no idea if a game launched well or not. They’ll know if it’s good or not, that’s for sure, but they won’t really know if it was remotely financially successful: this is already complex information thanks to games-as-service mechanics, microtransactions and the lot, but it’s only going to get more obscured with time.

Gears 5 is a test case for that: for all intents and purposes, it seems to be a huge success. It’s putting up huge numbers, with more than three million players in its first weekend. It’s also got great reviews, and a promising future in multiplayer even if the first weekend had some pretty serious issues. So, in other words, a slam dunk. But Microsoft’s ecosystem is more complicated than it used to be, so this warrants further examination.

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26d ago Replies(5)
XiNatsuDragnel26d ago

Great but gamepass + steam sale saved it but it's not a bad game at least.

skiggy3425d ago

Who the f3ck cares what did what? Steam apparently didnt help that much so more like Xbox and MS Store made these numbers..

XiNatsuDragnel23d ago

Sigh, I don't hate the game at all, I just hate that the sales aren't accurate to strictly physical or digital to a specific platform?

sushimama26d ago

Forbes still going strong.

This is a major PR SPin and if you 'dig into it' it's actually quite embarrassing.

Multiplat Gears 5 game that you can play for 1 Dollar boasts of 3 million players?
Meanwhile in the UK this Gears 5 game sold less than any other Gears game in the franchises entire history, by a considerable amount.
"But that's due to GamePass" - Really? Gamepass is available for 1 Dollar on PC and Xbox One and it could only get 3 Million players? For 1 Dollar to sign up and play? The fact that Microsoft was boasting about this was truly pathetic.

UltraNova25d ago

Something else, now that MS has completely stopped providing any meaningful metrics how do we know that those 3 million players weren't multiple sign ins' by the same users (or the same people that tried Gears both on xbox and their PC) over a period of 2-3 days? How can we check MS's claims? We cant, no one other than MS can...

Why does MS have to drag such a good game down the mud...

skiggy3425d ago

We dont and most of us dont really care....

skiggy3425d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Why do people keep talking about the UK? Its not that big of a gaming market. Hell I think the first Gears only did 26k. People in UK are too busy playing racing and futbol games...

26d ago Replies(6)
PhoenixUp25d ago

Microsoft won’t be boasting about software sales ever again

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The story is too old to be commented.