6-Year-Old Grand Theft Auto V Is Still Making Millions

Despite releasing precisely six years to the day, Grand Theft Auto V still draws in millions for publisher Rockstar Games.

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PhoenixUp33d ago

I’m not to thrilled about this development because it’s mostly this game’s success that we haven’t had any other game from the massive publisher this entire generation aside from RDR2

GTAV is great and all, but Rockstar just pushed EVERYTHING else aside to coast solely on this one game’s triumph and its lucrative online mode.

xTonyMontana32d ago

Honestly, we have more than enough games released each year that I'm more than happy to see Rockstar take their time and give us something truly special every 5-6 years. My biggest concern for GTA going forward though is how the success of GTAO will have on future entries. Lack of story DLC felt like a huge miss considering how great the actual story was and most of the GTAO content is quite bland and repetitive after a while with the exception of the heists.

VenomUK32d ago

It's been so profitable that it looks like the sequel will skip a generation.*

*GTA V was a PS3/360 game, the PS4/XBO edition is a conversion.

Kornholic32d ago

Rockstar has released only one current gen game so far (RDR2). If you're happy with that, fine, but don't try to pull that "honestly" crap on me. One game in six years.

During last gen, Rockstar released GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3 and GTA V between 2008 and 2013. That's 4 great games in 5 years.

PhoenixUp32d ago

RDR2 is completely overrated in that regard then. It’s an awesome game in its own right, but it’s not such a tremendous game that it makes up for the lack of new IPs from Rockstar or even sequels to their established properties like Max Payne, Bully, & Midnight Club.

Plus RDR2 has some outdated concepts in its design. Those flaws become even more glaring when you compare it to its contemporaries, especially since it seemed like the only thing the publisher was focused on this entire generation aside from GTAO.

If Rockstar as a publisher wants to take years to release a game then they can go ahead and do that. However that shouldn’t mean everything else should be discarded.

TheScotsman32d ago

Think you be nieve to believe they not working on 6, they never been a company to release any details before they nearly done. Rdr2 wwas announced very close to release and there wasnt anything about it before official reveal

Inzo32d ago

Unpopular opinion: This is a severely overrated game.

Artemidorus32d ago

Sad part is GTA 6 will likely be focused on online elements which is fine until you see it's barrier after barrier after barrier of pay walls.

Even the mighty Rockstar has fallen.

Profchaos31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Could be worse tried playing far cry new dawn in single player you can buy bullets with real world $$. I still hope 6 continues the storytelling tropes and world building / character development the series has been known for since vice city (3 had no character development as you couldn't even talk)

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