Sony Hands Microsoft Guitar Hero Advantage

What is going on with the pricing of the DLC for Guitar Hero. Gameplayer are reporting some marjor variations between the PS3 and X360 version of the game online.

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PirateThom3630d ago

Nothing to do with Sony or Microsoft, it's Activision's pricing.

SlappingOysters3630d ago

did they make a deal with MS?

ZombieNinjaPanda3630d ago

Think that it's activisions pricing based on the Microsoft Point System.

Tony P3630d ago

Agreed. This title is pretty irresponsible. If we knew the 'why' of it, maybe then we could start pointing some fingers. Right now, it's just a curious decision by a publisher and pretty sucky for PS3 owners in Australia.

What about the rest of the world?

Thugbot1873630d ago

Well one would think Sony would be on top of these type things but to early to point fingers.

kwicksandz3630d ago

PS3 multiplats costing more
DLC costing more
$100 for a DS3
$700 for a console

Sony is making it real hard to support the PS3 in Aus.

SolidSnake933630d ago

Oh no, there are no other musical games to play, we are screwed now.

TheDude2dot03629d ago

It's not like it matters anyway. There's about 3 songs a month for GH DLC.

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The gaming GOD3630d ago

How is Sony "handing" an advantage to MS?

Activision sets the prices as far as I remember (I could be wrong).

SlappingOysters3630d ago

Who and why? Some behind the scenes dealings that we will probably never be privy too.

Whether or not Sony is handing an advanatage across or whether X360 is just gaining one, the point still stands. Heaps cheper to buy the X360 version in the long-run.

jamesrocks31473630d ago

accordin to that study on here a week or 2 ago about exclusive downloadable content nobody realises it much so when microsoft does a deal for DLC it isnt makin big enough effects especially if the DLC cost u and is not free of charge. however stealin the game does.

Tony P3630d ago

Haha. I have no idea what your comment means, but I'm curious as to why anyone would disagree.

ultimolu3630d ago


As in "Here we go again."

I reckon that someone doesn't like me.

Tony P3630d ago

Yes, apparently my asking a question was met with some disagreement. For what, I can only imagine.

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Asurastrike3630d ago

Why are we trying to make rhyme or reason of Australian pricing? It has never made sense.

ZombieNinjaPanda3630d ago

Sony and psn use real money. Dollars, cash, Euros, whatever your country uses, the Psn will most likely accept it.

Microsoft on the other hand, uses Microsoft Points. Which is converted from lets say, 500 microsoft points for what? 10 dollars?

Microsoft points may be cheaper for things such as guitar hero songs or rock band songs.

cheapndirty3630d ago

Is ten dollars. Less if you buy the point card online.

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The story is too old to be commented.