Double Dragon’s perpetual damsel isn’t taking any BS in the new River City game

In some ways, River City Girls is a complete reboot of the popular Kunio-kun franchise. Known outside of Japan as River City, this series of beat-’em-ups is beloved for its deep fighting mechanics and extensive cast, many of whom show up in River City Girls sporting updated designs.

But no one received as big a glow up as a woman who has always deserved more respect.

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Tetsujin30d ago

Can we get the option to change the controls?

BenRC0129d ago

Need this. Sick of hitting punch and moving to next area by accident.

autobotdan30d ago

She was a fighter in the Neo Geo Double Dragon. This article does not mention

SyntheticForm30d ago

I'm going to buy this.

I loved RCR and can't miss out on this.

PhoenixUp30d ago

Not until another Double Dragon game is released

autobotdan30d ago

A Real Double Dragon game like the classic arcade games. Not like the NES ports. Double Dragon 4 is cool for a mini side story. We need a real DD4 return

AK9130d ago

That's cool but uh is the game any good.

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The story is too old to be commented.