IGN: Super Street Fighter II: Turbo HD Remix - Udon Trailer

IGN has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming downloadable title Super Street Fighter II: Turbo HD Remix.

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Tacki3654d ago

This trailer + music is so full of win! I can just imagine Mr. Miyagi as an unlockable character. :)

Lifendz3654d ago

but if the price is right, maybe I'll get it.

Yi-Long3652d ago

... when I first heard they were doing a HD remake of SF2, I was VERY happy and very excited.

But when you see what they've done, they really half-assed it, graphics-wise: animation is still choppy as hell, sprites in the (boring, sterile, cold) backgrounds are totally out of place, and the sprites of the Street Fighters themself are really mixed quality, with some looking great, and others looking awfull.

I'm a huge SF fan, but this is not how you make a next-gen HD remake of a classic. I'm looking forward to what King of Fighters will show us.