Wreck Spec – proof a geriatric gaming PC can hit 60fps in all the latest games

Even with an 8 year-old CPU and 5 year-old graphics card you get a great modern PC gaming experience from an old rig. And it doesn't take a lot of effort to hit 1080p/60, or a lot of sacrifices either.

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437d ago
Rude-ro437d ago

What good is 60fps though?
Yes, to an individual that may not get it much per their chosen hardware and would see an improvement... but in a place that 60fps is a joke, what good is that target frame?
You would be playing against people that are 140/240 frames per second.
I get the “sales” pitch if single player games was the point.. but then again, not everything great in gaming is on pc.
On console, the bar is set and equal with tiny variants of performance... where as on pc, you can tweak all your settings to get 60fps and then go into a lobby full of better designed rigs that are far outperforming 60fps.

Nemop437d ago

Sure, but the same thing applies to consoles, although a much smaller way. The Xbox One X version and normal Xbox One version are going to be different resolutions, and the X will almost always hold a more stable framerate compared to the original hardware. If you want to go a bit further, things like an Elite controller are built on the premise of giving an advantage in games. Higher framerate is only going to really be an advantage in competitive games, and mostly FPS games at that. Out of the serious competitive games on PC almost all of them wouldn't be too big of a problem. CSGO could definitely hit over 100 fps with that rig, and Siege would probably be pretty close to that number too. Any Moba and you are certain to hit the hundreds. Overwatch's art style lends itself to hitting high framerates. 60 fps is perfectly fine for most people, if people can play at 30 on console and not really complain, I don't see how 60 is going to be a big problem for most people.

Rude-ro437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

If 30 is bad per performance, on a device with everyone in the exact same realm... is a far better scenario per massive frame per second variations.
Obviously this is multiplayer focused... but that is really the only reason to move to pc. To play the popular multiplayer games that have become more than just a “hobby”.

Take destiny for instance..
A large part of the install base moved to pc with the “I must have the best version” mentality...
Only to find out that most of those newer to pc and made the jump are running the game at 720p to just hit that 60fps due to their lack of knowledge on which hardware to get or their parents went cheap...
Anything at 1080p to 60fps on pc is nowhere near the Xbox one and x comparison.
Most multiplayer games still run the same fps..

But on pc, outside of the cheating that goes on, players have massive advantages per their hardware builds.
240fps against 60fps on any uncapped game has a far better advantage vs a solid 60fps mid gen console vs 55fps on a base.

ocelot07436d ago

Tip for anyone wanting to get into pc gaming on a budget. Buy a cheap Dell optliplex on eBay or amazing. Make sure it has a i5 2400 or above preferably a i5 3xxxx with 8gb ram. Can be had for about £120/$160. Plus a new psu for about $60 and a second hand 970/980.