Farfetch’d Evolution Sirfetch'd Revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield - Niche Gamer

Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company have revealed a new Pokemon for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The new ‘mon is Sirfetch’d, an evolution of the classic bird pokemon Farfetch’d. The biggest difference with Sirfetch’d is that it wields an expanded, longer leek stalk as a weapon. It’s worth pointing out Sirfetch’d is exclusive …

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MeteorPanda34d ago

farfetch'd shoulda evolved into fairdinkum. l don't think this birds gonna be in the same tier as skarmory with its aparent steel/flying typing

Fluxour34d ago

This looks like a mistake...

Poopmist34d ago

He may end up being pretty strong, but I guess that is a little farfetched.

ThoedEssay77334d ago

Pokemon still going strong? Do other millennials still watch this?