Beyond Development Update 2 - No Man's Sky

Hello Games has stuck to its word and released a brand new update that brings some much-needed visual improvements to No Man’s Sky for PSVR.

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Neonridr570d ago

good news for PSVR owners. I haven't played it yet in PSVR so not sure how bad the image quality was to begin with.

UltimateOwnage570d ago

It was certainly a bit “soft” looking, especially off in the distance. I can’t speak for how it looks with the new patch but I’m excited to try it out. Despite some of the PQ shortcomings at release, it’s played excellent from the start in VR, and it sells The PSVR hardware IMO. Even with inferior clarity, I continue preferring to play NMS almost exclusively in VR. I’m really happy they continue to improve the game so rapidly.

Yi-Long570d ago

Really looking forward to jumping into VR and this game (again) when PS5 arrives ...