Japanese LBP site shows upcoming DLC

PS3Fanboy writes: "What's on the LittleBigPlanet downloadable content horizon? Week one was fairly minimal for Americans, with two free costumes. Europeans were (mostly) happy to receive a MotorStorm costume and "Rare Week-1" t-shirt in addition to the free space suit and halloween mask. It doesn't stop there, though, and the Japanese LittleBigPlanet site may have revealed what's on the way this week".

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Bathyj3654d ago

Japan needs to get heaps of Japaneasy stuff to help localise it and really draw them in. Ninjas, Samurai, Feudal Lords, Geishas. But not just that. Japanese stickers and graphics, anything that will make them take that first look. i think this game will really apeal to them once they get their hands on it and realise the possiblities.