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The Call of Duty franchise is riding a roller-coaster through time. Originating as a World War II-based experience, the series jumped ahead about sixty years to modern times for its fourth main installment, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which was critically acclaimed and a commercial blockbuster, perhaps due in part to the change in setting. Many would wonder why the newest installment, World at War, brings the series back to its bread-and-butter time period. They would also rightfully question the swap in development teams, with the less-popular developer Treyarch taking the wheel this time around. So, can World at War prove itself a worthy successor to Modern Warfare and avoid the ugly step-child status of Call of Duty 3?

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M337ING3630d ago

Treyarch has utterly surprised me. i got an early copy of the game, and I'm having at least as much fun as I did with Modern Warfare... :)

PistolPumptMonk3630d ago

Treyarch have been underdogs since day 1 making this game, I wouldn't mind seeing them succeed a little and turn into a solid developer.

jkhan3630d ago

OK one quick question and yes I know I will losing all my bubbles and will be getting lots and lots of disagrees over it, but just one small question. When Call of Duty does scripted events it is a Masterpiece, but when Killzone 2 does scripted events it is bashed and it is derivative and its totally utterly generic. Why?

CrippleH3630d ago

It's called double standards.

I'll probably get bubbles taken away but I'll still speak my opinion.

OOG3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

funny I dont see the game really getting bashed yet....just picked at by people who really dont know anything about it.....but until the final copy of the game comes out nothing anyone says really matters...

and this article also has nothing to do with this......

CHEF3630d ago know this is N4G right? You'll probably get bubbles and a ton of agrees.

funkysolo3630d ago

COD WAW is an awesome game, I sold my copy of COD4 after I played WAW beta. If it wasn't for the beta I would still have my copy of COD4. when I heard it was going back to ww2 I was like, i'll pass but I played the beta and fell in love with it. I played gears2 and R2 and I would recommend WAW before any of those 2 titles, going by the multiplayer experiance. R2 and gears2 are great single player games but WAW will own most of my time in the long run, I agree with the score

goflyakite3630d ago

That's what I want to hear.
I can't wait to pick it up tomorrow.

I didn't have any doubt that I'd like it though, since I knew it was using the same engine, and considering how much time I put into COD4.

OOG3630d ago

yeah the only problem I heard from people is the WW2 weapons...but thats just whatever.... I find some of them take more skill anyway

crimsonfox3630d ago

the first time you see someone get torn up by a grenade or a shot gun to the legs you'll forgot the little problems this game has but if we were being all spacific about the weapons at that time i'm sure they were worse with the accuracy then they appear on the game haha but they do sound lethal indeed im scared just hearing the sounds haha good game!!! buy it

OOG3630d ago

LOL yeah dont worry about telling me about the game crimson.......

Ive been a fan of the series since the first and I love WW2 so its fun for me.......also the fact I had 8 beta codes on day 1... lol yes I have played the game

but I was just talking about some people I know who own cod4....

thanks though and good to see you love the game maybe we will run into each other sometime


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t1mb3r7and3630d ago

I finished the campaign(got early version of the game as well) and had fun playing nazi zombies, especially when you play with another person, its a totally different experience. I agree with this review 100%

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