Games Abyss: Heavy Rain Preview

The video starts with a tall, slender woman with long, brown hair entering a casting call room. Gamers were stunned to see the fluidity of the character as she nervously made her way to a chair placed in the middle of the room. The expression in her eyes; the way she shifted in her seat fidgeting with her hands; the demonstration was an outstanding example of the capabilities of not only the PS3, but of the developers working at Quantic Dream.

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pp3631d ago

Another FLOP in the making.

bunbun7773631d ago

Start saving up now PP, maybe eventually you will be able to afford one of those black beasts to play your floppy Heavy Rain.

harpua3631d ago

"Another FLOP in the making."

your the expert, afterall, you own a 360.


this is going to be an awesome game, i thought indigo prophecy was good, and this looks amazing cant wait t play this in HD, so much Detail

Kush_Reaper3631d ago

Indigo prophesy was very good and Heavy Rain seems to continue that legasy.

Ap3theBad3631d ago

thst more games have flopped on 360 in a span of 4-5 months then the ps3 hs in its entirety. :)