What is next for Anthem


Hello Freelancers,

We’re nearing the end of the Cataclysm, so I wanted to talk about what’s coming for Anthem.

First, I’m proud of our team for creating a fun new experience for our players. It represents the largest post-launch update that we’ve delivered so far. We were humbly excited by the increase in player engagement we’ve seen with the Cataclysm. The team and I appreciate the response and support — it is what keeps us motivated to continue to improve Anthem.

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SierraGuy33d ago

Anthem...go into the light.

iQuasar32d ago

Just remember, the 80s had it right.
Gamers: Go into the light
EA: No you said DON'T go into the light

Crazyglues32d ago

@ LucasRuinedChildhood

Oh my god, I laughed so hard at that, you made my day player, that's too funny...

Yeah Anthem is dead, but call me crazy, I think it can be saved but not by these guys, they clearly have no idea what they are doing...

SmielmaN33d ago

Oh man I actually laughed out loud at this. Thank you.

UltraNova33d ago


The game is dead as far as EA/Bioware are concerned, this community update is more than enough proof. The must have already moved most of Anthem's post launch team to another project (DA most likely) and left a small team monitoring the ever shrinking player pool still playing Anthem just to fix small issues that come up.

What a waist... Bioware is just a shell of it's former existence.

m2stech32d ago

X is locked until you buy the standalone Respect DLC or get the season pass.

badboyz0932d ago

Please Do!!!!! I'm Getting tired of of these pointless articles like really,

Christopher32d ago

I'd say make it solo friendly and offline accessible for content, then end it. At least allow people who bought it to enjoy it on their own.

XiNatsuDragnel32d ago

true but hey EA decided this on themselves lol

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Tedakin33d ago

I feel like EA reaaaally wants to kill this game, but are too afraid to just do it due to the PR. So they're just dragging it along to keep the narrative that they're still working on it going. I personally thought it was a fun co-op game and 15 hour experience. No longevity, but I had fun with what was there. Probably should have been just a more straightforward action shooter rather than an open world experience.

Godmars29033d ago

They already killed it by putting it out too soon while overhyping what it would be able to do.

JaXion533d ago

..I don’t think you understood his comment.

Tedakin33d ago

I knew something was up in the beta right before release when it ran like garbage. It wasn't optimized at all on console and no one on the design team was commenting on it.

Godmars29033d ago

I also don't think EA understands how to make a game. What "Long term investment" means.

jerethdagryphon32d ago

That's my thinking story felt like it was cut in half and rushed the gameplay was fun but no longevity

isarai33d ago

I mean at this point this game is basically a beat up corpse games have been parading in front of EA since launch. Yet EA states at the dangling shell of a game and says "We know Anthem needs some work, but the future of Anthem is very bright" while not actually doing anything.

TheColbertinator33d ago

EA needs to get a boot in their executives faces

kayoss32d ago

why? thats not going to stop them from repeating the same mistakes.

nowitzki200432d ago

And that wont stop idiots from buying their cash grab games.. Blame the gamer, they are the idiots that keep supporting this crap.

LucasRuinedChildhood33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Anthem is a masterpiece. Why even try to improve upon perfection? [cancels Anthem sequel]