Death Stranding Is a Metaphor for Modern Day Society, Says Kojima

Kojima says that when people play Death Stranding, "I want people to not think 'America,' but 'where you are.'"

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baabuska33d ago

At this point, Kojima could say anything and it would appear as a quote in an article.

Tapani33d ago

It was a thorough interview with Game Informer. Read the article.

Inzo33d ago

"Death Stranding's central theme of connection is a metaphor that reflects Trump, the European Union, and schisms in societies around the world today, says Kojima."

WTF!!!!! These f*[email protected] journalists aren't even ashamed of blatantly lying anymore. I read gameinformer's article and nowhere does he say any of that or even hint at it.

While he says the theme is connection he doesnt even say what he means, Kojima says in the end it will all come togother.

If you want to know why people dont trust journalists look no further than this f*^#ing article.

IRetrouk33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

i thought the half quoted headlines and breaking up of interviews was bad enough, but adding stuff he didnt even say is a bad move on the writers part, good interview, though one that is already on this site.

Inzo32d ago

What Kojima is saying that DS is a metaphor for what's happening in America and he likens DS to the situation. Nowhere does he say that DS is inspired by those happenings like the hacks at IGN are trying to suggest. He even says that the game is centered around connection but the main objective is to save Amelie

IRetrouk33d ago

here is the link to the actual full interview that all these half quoted headlines are coming from.

IRetrouk33d ago

sorry wrong link, this is the one that ign is adding stuff kojima didnt say to

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