There are lots of things PS5 is going to do better than PC -- here's a few of them

Gamepressure writes: "With our official guidelines, you, as the law-abiding, exemplary user of a console, will be able to win any argument with the frantic horde of 4K/60FPS fanatics."

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FlyingFoxy35d ago

Games tied to services like Steam is a given on PC these days, i got used to it a while back. Optimisation is not always worth mentioning, next gen Nvidia 3060 GPU's are pretty much guaranteed to be a bit quicker than the graphics power of PS5, there was an article floating around stating that . Anyone with a 3070 will be comfortably ahead even if PS5 has better optimisation.

There's one thing the article fails to mention, game cost is usually higher on console releases, plus you still have to pay for online membership. The good thing about consoles though is that cost is spread at least with the online subscription,
and yes you can resell the games and the exclusives etc..

Those that invest in a decent PC will get better performance, like buying into a xx70 card will give noticeably better frame rates. It is going to cost a bit, but IMO the perf increase is worth it if you want over 60fps in demanding games. Buttery smooth 90-100+fps is hard to turn away from. I can see the value in console gaming though for sure.

No doubt we will see some impressive looking games for the PS5 as the developers tend to make good use of the hardware being a closed system.

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awdevoftw34d ago

Game cost is relatively the same digitally. If you dont buy on day 1, you can get killer deals physical or digitally. The cost of the online access for multiplayer does suck big time though. But usually the perks can offset the cost. Still hate that though.

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Neonridr34d ago

why even mention the next gen GPU's, you think the PS5 is going to rival a 2080/2080ti in terms of output? In a $500 machine? My 1080ti still pushes plenty of games at high framerates / resolutions.

anonymousfan34d ago

I think the idea with next gen is that a theoretical 3060 would be as powerful as a 2070 and likewise 3070 and 2080 meanwhile bringing prices down vs current gen cards making them more affordable... Given consoles are always cheaper.

Neonridr34d ago

@anonymousfan - fair enough, but in terms of raw performance I'd say a console GPU is going to be hard pressed to match even the 2-series cards at the price they are selling them for. We shall see, I'm still excited for the PS5 and will be picking one up day one, so I am hopeful for as much power as the console can squeeze into it, but I am also going to keep my expectations in check for a $500 machine vs video cards that cost $1000+

johnmeta33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

It will be close to 2080 performance, but that is not what's important. Sony has some of the best talent in the industry so the PS5 will have some pretty good and gorgeous games.

Neonridr33d ago

@johnmeta - I would be very surprised if it matched a 2080. But regardless of the talent Sony has, that wasn't my point. I have no doubt that next gen games are going to look gorgeous on the system.

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Teflon0234d ago

Not much relevance to what you're saying it's about what it does better. Not a split on both. It being unified and game optimization are the big keys imo. I have a gtx 1080 and a 8700k. Some pc ports are so bad it gets rivaled by my ps4 pro. Sometimes the PS4 just is optimized and pc they didn't try, like the atelier arland trilogy 1 of the 4 games can hit 4k. The others have problems getting past 720p lol. The switch version likely runs smoother its sad how bad pc optimization can be sometimes. I converted to a pc gamer mainly this console Gen and ps4/switch are my backups. Sometimes it's rough hearing some games are a joke on pc

starchild34d ago

Aside from the games you mentioned, which games are you having trouble with on PC? I've played a lot of games on my PC and I literally have not come across one that didn't look and run better on my PC than on my PS4 Pro. Honestly, I'm more annoyed with how many games stutter or have image quality issues on consoles.

Nevertheless, I still love my PS4 Pro. The exclusives are fantastic and it does a lot right for the price.

jukins34d ago

Slightly more expensive games and memberships fees spread out over time compared to the initial investment of a comparable pc is still more attractive to most consumers.

Besides even the newer pc games arent that much cheaper than console counterparts. And let's not forget how depending on your part selection you could have a barely playable game and have to wait weeks months or even years for a game to become playable on PC.

NarutoFox34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I totally agree with you. PC isn't a closed system

MADGameR34d ago

How many times are we going to talk about this power Bullsh**? It doesn't MATTER if PC has better performance, the PS5 will have performance AND the best AAA exclusives which make PS5 the best place to play. If the PS5 is hitting 4k 60FPS on games, PC is useless.

starchild34d ago

PS5 won't be hitting that target in most games, be realistic. And exclusives can be great games, but there aren't very many of them. The overall library of games on PC can't be beat, in my opinion. You get all the multiplatform games, PC exclusives, Microsoft exclusives, and even some games the PC shares with Playstation consoles. All of those games combined are not matched by the library on any other platform. And graphics and performance do matter. Not to mention mods, customization and more freedom in general.

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SickSinceSix34d ago

None of the games I buy from GOG are tied to a service like Steam but the option to tie it to GOG Galaxy is there.

Places like Humblebundle also sometimes have drm free games, like when I bought Hollow Knight and got a Steam key and a drm free download with it

skiggy3434d ago

I'm a pc gamer and console gamer and I reading your post scratching my head wondering where you are getting these cheaper game prices? Sure you can go to G2A or whatever its called but I have been screwed on that site. Outside of that game prices seem about the same. For me I sometimes get frames in the 180s on GTA 5 but maybe I'm blind but I cant really see the difference past 60fps. I can see the difference between 30 and 60 but... Idk, I think some of the points he made were valid. Not having to use multiple gaming platforms like Steam etc etc is much nicer on console.

SickSinceSix34d ago

Try they list the prices of PC games from various authorized game key seller websites. None of that grey market bullshit like G2A. Fanatical, Greenmangmaing & Humblebundle are three of the stores I regularly buy cheaper game keys from myself

Profchaos34d ago

Agreed with lost of your points but as of late pricing has been a weird one take bl3 for example retailers are trying to outdo each other and sell more copies as cheap as possible I've seen the console version go for $49 AUD but I'm looking for the PC version with the best price I've found being $60 AUD

It's as if most retailers know what sells and PC isn't that so we have to rely on digital outlets sales every other week lately to drop prices on recent titles

FanboysKiller34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I'm a console gamer , even if I planned to build a system that barely beats the ps5 thats completely not me ,in order to surpass consoles experience with gaming PCs you would rather spend 2 to 3 grands or 1.6 grands like the most of us on a decent system that will last 3 to 4 years at least. PC elitists will sure find a buzzword to stigmatize next gen consoles like the famous "resolution box" but that does not mean the experience will be on par with entry to midrange level PCs.

ProjectVulcan34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

PC doesn't replace PlayStation, it replaces Xbox.

Microsoft's games are all ending up on PC, you're better off with a PS4 and a Pc right now to get the best versions of any games on those systems.

It'll only be the same for next console gen.

GGEZ34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I got some games on PC and when you factor the used games sales on consoles, well, games are way more cheaper on consoles believe it or not. Pick any multiplat game that was released on consoles and PC and then compare the prices of used games on Ebay or Amazon to those on Steam and see for yourself.

USMC_POLICE34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

They make pc sound like such a hassle or a pain in the behind. Pc has cheep games, mod support, emulation of all old games not just the ones PS and MS decide. The biggest issue for me is widescreen support. I have a PS4,switch,Xbox,PC. I have a 4K tv with HDR, where am I playing gears 5 and major 3rd party games? On PC, Playing in 3440x1440 is a major game changer even against HDR. I get it, not everyone can drop 2k on a rig and 1k on a monitor. But personally for me the ultrawide alone has me playing a lot on pc.

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Destiny108035d ago

No Gamer can miss out, on a generation of ps5 games


Nintentional34d ago

Gamer that’s gonna miss out on Ps5 here 🙋🏻‍♂️

AnubisG34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Well, with a name like Nintentional no wonder you will "miss out" 🤣

Larrysweet34d ago

Then u miss the best gaming has to offer sorry thats a fact.....god of war 2 horzion 2 spidey 2 ur nuts to miss them

Bronxs1534d ago

Missing what naughty dog does next after the last of us 2 is NOT in my future.

boing134d ago

You are not a gamer then.

BizarroUltraman34d ago

Good for you!! Play what you like and ignore these plastic worshippers...

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TheRealTedCruz34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I buy the hardware at the end of its lifecycle. You get the hardware, and whatever exclusives, for dirt cheap.


Entirely subjective. While I can admit they're awesome games, God of War and Spiderman did nothing for me when I played. Uncharted 4 wasn't as good as 2 or 3. Killzone was the worst since the original.

I skipped PlayStation (and Xbox) this entire generation; and the only games I really want to play are the remaster of Last of Us, it's sequel; Bloodborne, and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

andibandit34d ago

The "Value for money" is highly subjective. Really depends on if you use your PC for other things than gaming.

RabbitFly34d ago

Well the point you are making is subjective, the point he is making is objective. Though perhaps not directly voiced as such.

It is an objective fact that the price of the components alone is more value for money on a console compared to a pc.

Now of course a pc can do lots of tasks a console never will. But like you said, that is a subjective argument.

Hungryalpaca34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

That entirely depends on what you value. If you value the highest experience of a game then it will be on the Pc.

Pretty sure the platform with a selection back to the 80s is of more value.

RabbitFly32d ago

Well no. There is objectively a smaller mark up on the components in a console than in a pc.

So objectively you are getting more valuable components for your investment.

Subjective value is what matters to everyone, yes, but there is objectively a value to compare here as well.

InflectionPoint34d ago

Wait..... not only can my PC run emulators for ps3 games, new xbox games, WiiU emulator with BoTW in 4k, play FPS better, run smoother and be upgradable.... it can do things other than gaming. Fascinating device, I can see how consoles could be jealous.

d3nworth134d ago

Congrats! Your PC run games for consoles that came out 13 years ago. Oh wait the PS4 pro and Xbox 1x are also capable of running last gen games in 4K, better FPS and smoother. Yeah PC can do other things than gaming. Its not like you watch movies, youtube, live TV, news and sports on your consoles (some in VR) or listen to music and on your consoles or surf the web on your consoles. Thats sarcasm by the way. Consoles are jealous? No buddy thats just your delusion of grandeur.

TheRealTedCruz34d ago


You're right. Xbox One X definitely does that … for a number of titles. PlayStation does this to a much smaller extent … at a premium cost!

Sophisticated_Chap34d ago

@ D3n

It's great that PCs can run old games, especially since the PS4 (Pro) cant run games pre-2013.

BizarroUltraman33d ago

Why would consoles be jealous, do they have feelings? You PC guys think you're the shit playing Sims and fighting orcs or some damn MMO or some Oregon Trail or Carmen San Diego hahahah don't make me laugh. You guys would be play dogshit if it weren't for consoles pushing the gaming. Go play another round of Football manager or your old ass Counterstrike at 240fps and brag about it! Console gamer will play something great not on PC.

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maybelovehate34d ago

Exactly. I actually make a lot of money using my PC lol

rainslacker34d ago

While maybe's story is great, I couldn't believe how much I could make working from home until i saw the first check showing i make enough to buy a brand new Lamborghini, so naturally I came on here to tell everyone else how I did that so I'd have more competition, and demand for my job would go down, so I'd make more money.


Notellin34d ago

How much is a lot though?

rainslacker34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Nowadays, unless you're production, or gaming, there isnt much added value in buying a high end PC. My pc is close to 9 years old, and it can do everything I do just fine, but newer games arent exactly pinnacles of efficiency. I can still do media production, 3d modeling, and my general work just fine. My.laptop, which cost only $100.more than the launch ps4, at the same time, is powerful enough to do everything, and even runs games better than my desktop

You'd basically be spending quite a bit more to get a high end PC for games, so the cost aspect is more relevant than some people make out

rainslacker33d ago

Really? No? What programs besides media production, like Photoshop, 3D rendering, CAD, video encoding, games, or some odd ball specialty program require a high end PC? You may notice a bit of slowness here or there, but the most common programs used by everyone do not need a lot of power. Web browsers, databases, Office, and even Windows itself don't need anywhere near what power newer PC's have to offer.

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Giblet_Head34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

It's clear whoever wrote this probably struggles operating a toaster. So much ignorance of tech.

RabbitFly34d ago

What point do you think is ignoring tech?

RabbitFly32d ago

To be ignorant of something you have to be ignoring some aspect of that which you are ignorant of.

kernel34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

This is the world we live in today, it doesnt even matter what is true. For example people will call an iPhone overpriced even though it is actually twice as fast as the competition, does that not justify costing a little more? But of course youtube(google) promotes videos that try to make the iPhone look bad somehow, like those useless tests where people just open and close apps? Have you ever seen anyone compare pc specs by opening and closing apps in a loop? Fact is, fortnite runs at 60 fps on the iphone xs/xr, but it cant even on the s10... and now the 11 series is coming out to further that lead. Benchmarks also confirm this, even though samsung and other android makers are known to cheat.

We also have people falsely claiming 1440p is 2K, people going way overboard on resolution on small screens (samsung even sets their screens to display in 1080p by default and almost nobody can tell), people who think more ram always gives more performance, people who have no concept of ipc etc etc.

Krew_9234d ago

Tell me about it. I always see people say 1440p is 2K... When in reality 1080p is closer to 2K and 1440p 2.5K. I try to help people when they make these simple mistakes but it's repeated a lot it's disheartening. There's a lot of misinformation when it comes to computers.Heck even general tech these days.

kernel34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Ill bet I get a ton of disagrees for telling the truth about apple products vs android, you cant win against googles information monopoly when arguing on the web. For a while people were even hyping Stadia and arguing about that, but I think that product is so incredibly poor even Googles information monopoly cant sell it.

Tross34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

There are people out there who should just be banned from having technology, like my friend who called me over to help him because his XB1 "wasn't working" only for me to find he did not plug it into his TV. I legit facepalmed. He's the only individual I know who managed to screw up an iPad too. To make matters worse, he will text me about his problems instead of Googling them like a normal person. Yeah...the law needs to be changed so that certain people are fined for having technology. Too much facepalming can lead to brain damage, and I'd really like to avoid that.