GameZone: Need For Speed Undercover Preview

GameZone writes: "EA's Need for Speed franchise has always been at the forefront of the racing genre, transplanting players into a variety of different settings, including the underground world of illegal street racing up to the professional circuit. Now, EA is shooting for a more story-driven approach with their latest, Need for Speed: Undercover. Featuring some acting talent from stars like Maggie Q and Christina Milian, the game focuses heavily on cut scenes and story elements, with a plot that draws heavily on driving-focused action movies.

Announced only back in August, the game is currently set to launch in a few weeks. GameZone was given a crack at the most recent preview build in order to see if the gameplay was on the same level as the production values. For the most part, the game played very similarly to the rest of the franchise, with the same type of arcade-style handling and high speed chases that the series has made its bread and butter."

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