What Happened To PlayStation Exclusive MotorStorm?

Where did Sony’s racing franchise go?

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isarai1239d ago

Studio wanted try a more "racing sim" with Driveclub, didn't go too well and Sony shut the studio down. The team reformed at Codemasters and made Onrush, which is unsure if it did well. Now I guess they just work for codemasters

madpuppy1239d ago

onrush is trash, I bought it and It is no Motorstorm. It is like a bad developers version of a copycat game based loosely on Motorstorm.

I deleted it from my PS4 within hours of installing it. The game is just terrible.

isarai1239d ago

I love it, though I wish there were more tracks

darthv721239d ago

It isnt supposed to be motorstorm so if you went in thinking it was then... that's on you. I'm sorry you didnt get the hang of it but it is a fun game. you are right, it is no motorstorm but what it is, is its own thing.

CurbStompin1239d ago

Well they closed the studio after onrush, so you aren’t alone in your feelings. Game just felt boring tbh.

umair_s511239d ago

They should remaster Motorstorm trilogy for PS4

IamTylerDurden11239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

OnRush was solid. The gameplay loop was enjoyable once you actually get good. It wasn't Motorstorm, it had some similarities, but very different in terms of gameplay. Onrush was a well built game. It wasn't as AAA or perhaps as good as Motorstorm, but enjoyable nonetheless. Once you get good at pulling off kills and tricks for boost it becomes exciting. Photo mode is excellent and the visuals are decent. It features a full sp campaign, co op, and mp. I got the game on PS+ and thoroughly enjoyed the platinum. It also has a plethora of unlockable cosmetics.

isarai1239d ago


No they didn't, the team is still part of codemasters, though the creative director of Onrush left shortly after it released.

madpuppy1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

It's not that I didn't "get the hang of it" the game is boring and freaking ugly, and you couldn't just play the game, The game forced you in between racing to look at these poorly drawn and animated "characters" dancing around like morons next to their cars, the music...oh how I hated the music, It was like someone on the dev team thought it would be a good idea to find the worst, most eclectic garbage and put it in the game.
Like I said, Trash ALL AROUND, I wold have rather bought Anthem and Fallout 76 than this pile of beige gruel.

Father__Merrin1238d ago

I u installed after 1 lap it was horrid

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rainslacker1239d ago

Shame Sony closed down the studio, but glad they regrouped into a new studio, and apparently got funding to make another game. Motorstorm could still be made if Sony chose to. DriveClub was an ambitious attempt at a new racing IP, and probably why GT6 didn't release as cross gen. But Driveclub itself was pretty good, and Bikes was awesome, and DriveClub VR is probably the best VR racing game. If it weren't for the launch issues, which really didn't affect the game that much despite what people were making out, then it probably would have been more successful, and maybe they wouldn't have been shut down. But who's to say, as Sony was going through a lot of financial transitions and streamlining at the time.

IRetrouk1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

thats the only reason i didnt get 6, i assumed an upgraded version was coming for the ps4, and as it released after the ps4 i thought it was a sure thing.
In the end it never happened, i kept meaning to grab a copy but just never did.

2pacalypsenow1239d ago

I think the last few MotorStorm games didn't sell very well.

Still remember playing the first one and being in awe of the mud effects.

SmielmaN1239d ago

First Motorstorm blew my mind! Lol

darthv721239d ago

Pacific rift is my favorite. Hell, even the RC game is fun. Arctic edge and apocalypse were okay but the first two were excellent.

Knushwood Butt1239d ago

Played the RC one a ton on Vita. Funny how nobody ever mentions that game in those 'Vita had no first party support' threads.

Dirtnapstor1239d ago

And playing in 3D was pretty rad too! Picked up Apocalypse for a few bucks awhile back. Good game.

UnholyLight1239d ago

I think back to the days of the demo stations when i was young, and the first Motorstorm was like a graphical achievement back then, it blew my mind

specialguest1239d ago

The first one was fun and I do remember the cool mud effect. Made me feel like wow, we are truly in the next gen

IamTylerDurden11239d ago

The original Motorstorm was a technically jaw dropping game. Visuals were incredible, the tracks were well designed, and the mud effects were brilliant.

SonyStyled1238d ago

There was also a release delay in Japan/Asia due to the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and 3 fission reactor meltdowns. Being titled Apocalypse is an unfortunate title for the timing. Great game though

dumahim1238d ago

I refuse to call Motorstorm a racing game. The AI cars sole purpose was to prevent you from winning like rubberbanding their way ahead of you and brake checking you. This isn't how racing works.

The cheating/rubberbanding was just horrendous. IIRC, the semi was supposed to be the worst in the mud and I had the vehicle best for it and I was in the lead and boosting through it and the damn semi caught up and passed me.
Another time I was in a truck running along some cliff and a dirt bike came up beside me and the rock wall. I decide to ram the bike in to the wall and I wind up blowing up and the bike drives off just fine.

2pacalypsenow1238d ago

"I decide to ram the bike in to the wall and I wind up blowing up and the bike drives off just fine."


FreeFallFrenzy1238d ago

I definitely remember the rubberbanding in the high-ranked challenges. It was the reason I never finished all of them. You had to be absolutely perfect some races! It was crazy. With that said, it is easily one of the best racing games I've ever played and competing online was a joy to behold due to the pure chaos of it all. Huge adrenaline rush!

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Sgt_Slaughter1239d ago

Motorstorm VR would be crazy, as well as Motorstorm in (close to) 4K

Absonite1239d ago

Forget MotorStorm, what the hell happened to JetMoto???

ibrake4naps1239d ago

Motorstorm working on my 3d tv was a big deal for me years ago

BenRC011239d ago

That and arkham city was the pinnacle of 3d for me. Oh and killzone 3 in 3d with the moves and big gun thingy.

Knushwood Butt1239d ago

Yep, Killzone 3 in multiplayer in 3D plus Move controls was great.

Dirtnapstor1239d ago

Did you ever try Uncharted (I don't remember which one).

Knushwood Butt1238d ago


Uncharted 3. Yes, I wasn't impressed with the 3D implementation in that, apart from the drug sequence, which was way better in 3D.

IamTylerDurden11239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Apocalypse in 3D was immaculate. I don't understand why people bashed Sony's foray into 3D? Apocalypse was the perfect game to bundle in 3D. On its own it was a fun popcorn game, but 3D actually elevated the experience.

Killzone 3 was also impressive in 3D. Killzone and Motorstorm had incredibly deep and dynamic 3D. KZ3 may have had some ghosting or artifacting, but the 3D popped off the screen. Awesome experience in a visually stunning and highly underrated PS3 game.

darthv721239d ago

I will say that on their own 3d tv those games rocked. When i played them on other brands, it seemed like the 3d quality just wasnt the same.

yeahokwhatever1238d ago

I got to enjoy all of these titles on my 100 inch 3d projector setup with surround sound. KZ3 with the move controller in 3D was basically a holodeck. It was amazing.