Final Fantasy VIII Remastered helps Seifer's actions seem more understandable

There’s a saying that suggests that the best villains are the ones who, if you change the circumstances or story slightly, could have been the heroes. Back when Final Fantasy VIII was shiny and new in 1999, it might have been easy to look at Seifer Almasy, one of the antagonists, and see him as a jerk.

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MeteorPanda1764d ago

the title of this hints the remaster had different text and dialogue? seifer's actions and backstory were always obvious if you wern't a kid. maybe "hey lm a bit older now and wow, l understand a character a bit more, lol"

MrCrimson1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

I don't get what the writer is saying. I always rationalized Seifer's actions as being initially loyal to Edea, his "mother" He was gung ho anti-Galbadia until he saw Edea. In the later parts of the game - specifically after Edea's defeat - I don't really understand his actions other than I am in too deep now. All he needed to do was to be defeated - sorry didn't know it was Ultimecia! Thought it was Edea! My be yall. Meanwhile the guy brings down a purge of monsters from the moon responsible for the deaths of thousands and all is forgotten.

Hire me, i'll write the game so it makes sense.

MeteorPanda1764d ago

most of the story decayed in the middle. as soon as the moombas started appearing the plot kinda frayed. Why does squalls sister have that kind of magic? is ultimecia rinoa due to her having Griever? what the fuck is the whole point of pandoras box? how did esther have a moon station and no one in the world knows?

so many weird questions. l hoped they'd release a ff8 like advent children "complete edition" with al lthe answers but nope.

Squall is dead theory site is still up btw, l love that

TricksterArrow1763d ago

FF8 is the one that truly needs a Remake. I mean, the story makes sense at face value, but the more you think about it, the more the cracks starts to show. Plus, I love the side characters, and they get all but tossed aside in favor of Rinoa by disk 3, which, TBH, is not that interesting.

Razmiran1763d ago

Its not only the story that decayed
Most characters have 0 development

Pozzle1763d ago

There's also an interesting little hint about where he got the idea to be a sorceress' knight from later on in the game. When you play as Laguna and he's making a movie about a knight defending a sorceress from a dragon, you see that his battle stance and the way he holds the gunblade is identical to Seifer. So it seems that Seifer got the idea for his "romantic dream" from the movie about Laguna and has copied his battle style from what he saw in the movie. It's easy to miss, but a nice little hint if you notice it.

-Foxtrot1763d ago

If they did a remake they could expand on everything which is clearly present but not enough time is dedicated to show it all off

However we nitpick this when you could do this for all FF games, even the beloved FVII with the cracks in that game.

If FFVIII got a remake I hope they hint at the Ultimecia/Rinoa theory then the Squall is dead one

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bangoskank1763d ago

I still want to know wtf happened to NORG.

Snookies121763d ago

Shhh, we don't talk about that. We steal his Guardian Force and move on.

gold_drake1763d ago

was there some dialogue change in the remaster ? haha


Final Fantasy Games That Deserve the Remake Treatment

Final Fantasy has a long running history with numerous numbered titles and spin-offs, but which games stand to benefit from a remake?

gold_drake210d ago

i feel like all of them.
well except 2 haha.

shinoff2183210d ago

Agreed. Ff2 though can be made better, so it's not entirely a lost cause. Ff8 will gets its time. I do wish they'd do the old ones. From ff10 and up those ones still hold up pretty well.

kevco33209d ago

Honestly, I've always felt that VII and up 'hold up well' in that regard. The early 3D games just needed a cosmetic update. But the FFVII Remake is so different to the original in execution that a lot of games could be done in a similar fashion and feel far more modern.

I'm not saying that's a good or bad thing (that depends on your personal preference!), just that they could feel very different.

shinoff2183209d ago

Kevco I liked remake but I think your right. Idda been happy with a 1 to 1 remake that looked like ever crisis to. Or both

I'd just love I square would one day give us a turned based one with today's graphics. I can't really think of a jrpg that does that.

andy85209d ago

I'd rather the 13 trilogy just be ported tbh. No matter what you think if it, it shouldn't be the only numbered offline games not playable on new consoles. But naturally I'd play the **** out of 8-12 remakes.

shinoff2183209d ago

I do agree. I'd give it another shot even though I didn't like it at first. My taste change over time. Gta 4 for instance I was so disappointed it lacked so much of what san andreas had I didn't play it for like 5 years. One day went to a semi pro football game(American football) came home drunk and decided to try 4 again. I actually liked it after giving it a fair shot.

Rebel_Scum209d ago

Just make new games. Not every game needs to be remade.

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Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Review [PSLegends]

It's a rare privilege to be able to delve back through gaming history to review one of the greatest games of all time.

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CrimsonWing69245d ago

It’s a great game, but uh, this is like a really old release. Not sure why you felt the need to put a review up for it now. Are you going to do a review on Parasite Eve?

andy85245d ago

I'd like it remastered I know that 😂

CrimsonWing69244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Oh I’m with you. I was thinking the other day I wish we had an FF Tactics Remake or HD Remaster. What I’m hoping is Square ports over their PS1 library to PS5. Like Remasters or Remakes with trophy support. God, I’d love to play Einhander at some point.

shinoff2183244d ago

Final fantasy tactics and ff9 are the only games that haven't released of that leaked Nvidia list from a few years ago. Far as I know everything else has been released.

Far as the review maybe it was their first time playing it. I'd give it a 8.5 or so personally.

CrimsonWing69244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Yea, it’s a 9 for me, personally. 5-10 are the best, in my opinion.

As for the leaks, I remember seeing something for FF Tactics but it’s starting to bum me out nothing official has dropped.

I was playing Tactics Ogre and it just made me wish for The War of the Lions.

StormSnooper245d ago

I still need to play FF VII