Save up to 70% with September Savings at PS Store

Choose from The Sinking City, GTA: The Trilogy, Spyro Reignited Trilogy and more!

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Orionsangel33d ago

I'm waiting for Kingdom Hearts III, Bloodstained and Days Gone to go $19.99. Everything else I own or I'm not interested in.

Gaming4Life198133d ago

Yea I own most of the games and days gone is the only game I'm waiting to go on sale.

Nitrowolf233d ago

Seems like this sale is just more of what’s been on sale already

I got such a large backlog of games it’s kind of nice to not want to buy anything lol

gamesftw25033d ago

You'll probably be waiting a while for KH3

Orionsangel33d ago

You think that, but then they surprise you. I don't know who makes these upper management decisions, but at some point someone in marketing decides that it's time for this game to always retail at 19.99.

Muzikguy33d ago

KH3 I'm kind of waiting on too. I keep thinking I have too big a backlog to buy more games then I do it anyway. I'm glad the PS5 will be backward compatible. I tend to forget about that little piece of info lol

Youngindy2133d ago

KHIII was literally on sale for 24.99 in the U.S. You can't spare 5 more dollars?

Orionsangel33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I only buy digital games. I'm not a collector of physical media. I haven't bought a physical game in years.

Muzikguy32d ago

I believe I saw that too but my backlog comes into play as well. If I didn't have one at all I probably would have just bought the game for $60 when it released

davetheAndroid33d ago

I'm thinking at this point, Black Friday (week) will get these prices. I'm also waiting on days gone and lowest I've seen is 41.99 so far. Maaaybe $20 by Black Friday?

SkatterBrain33d ago

i saw it for $30 months ago i think it was a half off coupon on Newegg or i forgot the site

NecrumOddBoy33d ago

Days Gone is incredible and worth full price. Don't miss out in this amazing game! (Platinum'd it a couple months back)

davetheAndroid32d ago

How was the plat journey? I ask bc I'm currently trying to get one for Dark Should 3. Either hours or farming or online I'm not interested/good at. Hoping it's better on Days Gone.

AnubisG33d ago

KH3 was $19.99 in Best Buy not long ago. I think it's $25 now...or something like that.

Pennywise13833d ago

Kingdom hearts 3 is 25 bucks right now on Amazon.

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bangoskank33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Was planning to buy A Plague Tale. Perfect timing.