How Borderlands' Focus On Crazy Comedy Helped The Franchise Thrive

Sterling writes:

"If there’s one thing that sets Borderlands apart from other FPS/looter shooters, it is its emphasis on outrageous comedy."

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Hedstrom32d ago

Love the humor of Borderlands!

NiteX32d ago

It's definitely not for everyone, but it does make the game have a unique feeling for sure. It's a shame the antagonists are nothing special this time around though. Handsome Jack really was great.

porkChop32d ago

To be fair, it's hard to match someone like Handsome Jack. It's like GLaDOS. Yeah Wheatley was funny and all, but he never stood a chance at living up to GLaDOS. Great villains dont come around very often.

CP_Company32d ago

Handsome Jack was legend. he also rose within the game, he had good back story and charisma. it was 2012. kinda old days. these antagonists are reflection of these days, lame ass youngsters. these antagonists has no charisma and feet to stood out on them self.

kernel32d ago

It’s there, but you can just ignore it for the most part as well. It’s the co op and variety that keeps people playing.

Tetsujin32d ago

I feel the humor has been toned down on 3 as opposed to the previous titles. For example:

Tinks instead of Midget
Claptrap is cracking more ass-related jokes instead of the older sex jokes (mainly from 2)
Mustache jokes seems to be rampart in 3 which over time gotten old

While the game does have some humor, a lot of it is toned down for the SJW/Snoflakes.

kernel32d ago

They might have toned it down even without the sjws, but who knows. It’s all about the gameplay anyway.

EmperorDalek32d ago

The dialogue and story are a massive step down in Borderlands 3. Which is a shame, since that was arguably the biggest improvement part 2 made.

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