'Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will Appeal To Old And New Players' - Yoshinori Kitase Interview

Showing off the new gameplay, Kitase explains some of the design choices behind the new iteration of such familiar locations.

“This world very much has three core design concepts: it’s a very dark place, it’s got a modern steampunk kind of vibe to it, but it’s also a very varied and eclectic place,”

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Pedantic9130d ago

Not being able to summon when i want to doesn't seem appealing for neither new or old players.

Retreading ideas from XV, very unfortunate.

Zabatsu230d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Really? I've completed missed this. Have they really implemented the shit way for summons, mechanic, from FFXV?
Source if you have it please. I would be so displeased if that was the case. Man.

From the article:
"“The big advantage of the approach that we’re taking is that we can remake the game without having to cut out or take down anything that people love about the original game. We can add to it rather than take away.”

The irony in this comment from Kitase is hilarious.
How is this adding to it? Just say it for what it is. We're remaking FF VII into an immersive action RPG with some elements from the past, but more or less everything will not be how it used to be. So, a FFXV with a FFVII theme, pretty much sums it up.

The fans are the ones who wanted this game. The fans of the original game. But no. Disregard those people.

Pedantic9130d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Source ?

Scroll down a bit to request 5.

kernel30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

They seem to have this mentality that they need to make the game accessible to even the most brain dead players, at the expense of the game actually being worth playing at all. I hope they please stop letting Nomura direct gameplay, he is great at designing characters and even story elements, his gameplay is just terrible. The worst part is, many people dont realize it until they actually play his shallow games.

InKnight7s30d ago

Nooop random summons are the most unethical, irritating, retard thing. I hate Tabata now even more.

LegoIsAwesome30d ago

Final Fantasy XV
"A Game for New and Old fan"

Will history repeats itself? I hope not. Still waiting for that FFVIII Remake

kernel30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Thats what they said about final fantasy 15, im sorry square enix but you have lost my trust. The gameplay in this remake looks awful while the graphics and cutscenes look amazing... If im wrong ill just wait for the price drops/ collection. There is no way Im pre-ordering a game from these guys now.