GameStop at Pryor Plaza Shows Video of Redesigned Store, Planned for More Stores

Pryor Plaza GameStop posted a new video to their Facebook page showing off the redesigned storefront with a focus on new merchandise, snacks, retro gaming bays, and more.

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anonymousfan33d ago

I know Gamestop gets (and deserves) a lot of hate but I am cautiously optimistic. I still like going in store to buy games from time to time and using their store space for gaming related mini events sounds cool although I'm not sure how that will work?

gamer780432d ago

I love the design, but not sure how that giant retro section will produce any new sales, other than get people sitting around playing.

S2Killinit32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

People will come in for playing, a community starts to build. Then they can have tournaments etc. its a great idea.

I had actually suggested this in a post some months ago. Never thought it could actually happen. Hopefully it works.

Summons7533d ago

Gamestop is dying and they are dumping money like it's nothing. I honestly really like the design of that store, reminds me of a few mom&pop shops that used to be in my town but I really don't think it will help them.

WickedLester33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

They can survive. Their stores are still profitable but they incurred a ton of debt when they panicked and bought those AT&T cell phone retail locations. They do need to downsize somewhat though. You dont need 8 gamestop's all within 5-10 minutes from one another. They need to become a more "boutique" chain.

ThinkThink32d ago

They could change their name to Electronic Boutique..

WickedLester32d ago


Ha! Well played! Actually that was the last time this retailer was any good. I liked them better when they were EB.

AnubisG32d ago

Yeah, that was a huge peoblem I think. I remember they had 2 stores in Queens Center Mall in NYC. Than one right in front of it and another one in less 10 minute walk from these stores. Oh and, they put all that right next to a Best Buy, and a Target.... smart🤣

rainslacker32d ago

They are in a desperate need to restructure their business model for the current world. Store design is something some people gripe about, but their ase business model is flawed, because it requires too much success on non core products. They make those products the focus of the store, yet people.know game stop as the games store. That's where they need to get people excited about going there for, along with restructuring their general finance model which puts locations in high rent locations, despite rather low mark ups on new merchandise of the core reason people go to GS.

Unfortunately for GS, there is now no quick fix. But the fixes they need aren't going to involve listening to the people who whine over the stupid stuff like upsells or their trade in policies or pricing. Maybe listening to how people dont want a store cluttered with non gaming stuff.

Work on corporate structure and cut a lot of the fat. Evaluate where stores are placed. Have good merchandising and work for better vendor pricing for new games. Those would be the key areas I'd focus on. Redesigning the stores cant hurt, because they do feel antiquated, and smaller stores are packed too tightly with a lot of the stuff that people dont go there to buy.

SkatterBrain33d ago

wouldnt be surprised if they Put lootboxes to pay $30 a pull for a 5% chance of getiing your $60 game and if you miss you pay the full $60

SolidGamerX33d ago

They sell games they don't make them, your sarcasm missed the mark and would be better served for the developers who include lootboxes in their games.

SkatterBrain32d ago

I Meant When Times Get Desperate and they grabbing at straws they might find a way to put the odds in there favor, same way as They F People over offering them almost nothing for theyre brand new games to go back and sell em at $55 instead of $60

Butters36033d ago

It's amazing. All they had to do was look at their name and become that.

rainslacker32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

You'd think, but they started all these other things because they couldn't maintain the business with just selling games. That's why they started used games trade ins, and eventually all the other crap they tried to sell over the years.

Even mon and pop places have a hard time staying open by just selling games. World has changes a lot over the past 10-15 years, and a pot of retail is having a hard time keeping up.

Would be a shame if they closed down. I want them to improve, and really dont have many problems with their consumer facing policies....mostly because I dobt use them because I dont find them worthwhile. But they're the only place I can go to buy those smaller niche games out of the blue, as most big box stores have a very limited selection, or none at all. Older games are harder to find new outside gamestop and amazon

Butters36031d ago

GameStop first and foremost needs to improve their business tactics with customers. But as a culture, it's amazing how long it took them to realize that they needed to become a hobby shop. They need to facilitate that even more with hometown tournaments, game industry talk, etc. If you just want people's money, your customers will catch on quickly and go elsewhere. Once my GS gets the upgrade, I'll definitely stop by more often.

Elda33d ago

I like Gamestop & that store looks nice & inviting.

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The story is too old to be commented.