E3 2020 planning document proposes overhaul with 'queuetainment,' new floor plan, industry-only day

The ESA is trying to rebrand E3 as a “fan, media, and influencer festival” for next year’s event.

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anonymousfan205d ago

I'm curious what other gamers here think of E3. I loved the idea of anticipating all these announcements all in one place, once a year. I would sometimes even take time off to stream the conferences live. This year's E3 was such a letdown though I feel as if the conference, regardless of their efforts is going to fade into oblivion.

Maisay204d ago

For viewers, the location isn't important. For example, not all the E3 conferences are in the same place. How many know that or care? What I do like is to even have more streaming options and coverage. For example, we can have live feedback from viewers or send in comments for quick post show sit down stream. Also, have a more robust digital interactive schedule with timers and multi stream windows where you can search what you want to see, have picture-in-picture or something similar to switch between events at the same time, etc. Just try and make viewing options more robust and interactive and easy to find and follow. No need for viewers to go to other sites to find the streams they want.

As for las E3 being a letdown; that's normal for an end of gen show. Next E3 will be amazing because it will have next gen news and footage and new players (Stadia and even EA's new cloud gaming service).

yellowgerbil204d ago

I think its time for E3 to die. The people who run it is the lobby pushing loot boxes. they doxxed thousands of visitors this year. Sony left, Nintendo left, Microsoft sucks... Seems its time. Maybe each company should work on building up their own annual event to the levels of like that quake com or D23 and make it really stand out.