Why I can't go beyond the first 5 mins of Call of Duty: World At War

James Ransom-Wiley of Joystiq writes:
"I've been avoiding Call of Duty: World At War. Not because its developer, Treyarch, has yet to inspire me. Not because it's another World War II shooter. I've been avoiding World At War because the featured enemy is the Japanese Empire."

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bunbun7773633d ago

Interesting to read, how games are starting to get more "serious". Telling folks that you can not or will not play a game though usually leads to more wanting it. I wonder if they do have the twin nukes?

The Matrix3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Ok so the guy who wrote this is Japanese-American and he doesn't want to play world at war because you kill Japanese people.

Oh, yeah, the Japanese are innocent. They only killed thousands of unaware people at pearl harbor. They only left thousands of families without fathers and mothers.

Panthers3633d ago

No one is innocent, but would you play a game where you were the Japanese or Nazis killing Americans? He just has some patriotism for his country.
While the Nazis party was truly evil, I dont feel the same about the Japanese. I am sure Hitler would have eventually turned on them if things would have went their way.

BanjoKazooieFTW3633d ago

How does this guy think the Germans feel? Everyone lost someone in WWII. Its been nearly 70 years. Its time we get past it and if this guy can't accept it, then he shouldnt play it. He should keep in mind that there have been at least 50 games with Nazis getting killed horribly.

Kami3633d ago

the matrix said "Oh, yeah, the Japanese are innocent. They only killed thousands of unaware people at pearl harbor. They only left thousands of families without fathers and mothers"
lol you bring pearl harbord becuae your american right?
anyway, google "the rape on nankin". most historians hide the fact that this was bigger and WORST than the Nazis in Germany during WW2. and school never teach about it.

Bolts3633d ago

The Japanese were not innocent and they were not fighting for their country. Lets get that clear. People who were fighting for their country do not practice their swordsmanship by slicing off the heads of Chinese civilians. The Japanese were in every sense of the world the modern Mongols.

LONEWOLF2313633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

No one in war is Innocent,not The Americans, not the Nazi and not the Japanese. War is a Terrible thing BUT i feel more for the Japanese yes granted what happend in Pearl Harbor was bad and an act of cowardice BUT it was an even more act of cowardice what the US did to Japan when they dropped the A bombs many many many lives were taken not just soldiers BUT innocents like Women and Children, women and children for crying out loud it wasnt their fight they didnt deserve this. The women and Children were without blame.

Pebz3633d ago

People really need to get over this demonization of other humans. It's the same thing that allowed the enslavement of Africa, the slaughtering of the native Americans, occupation of Tibet and many many other atrocities.

You label a group of humans as "animals", "heathens", "inferior" or "Nazi" etc (no, not all German soldiers were actually "Nazis") and suddenly it's alright to kill them.

I heard about this study that was done, in World War 1 I believe, where they found that only 2% of all soldiers actually aimed to kill, the rest aimed over the head. 1% being psychopaths, the other 1% being people who would sooner kill than see their fellow soldiers killed.

Getting a human to kill another human takes work, although the inhumane conditions of war can be enough to make someone snap.

All the massacres are of course ordered by some warmonger, and while the blame ultimately does lie with the soldiers who follow the orders, they are not necessarily "evil" because of it. Many have the lives of their families at stake, or made to obey by other means.

No "side" can ever win a war, only the few people who benefit from a war will ever win anything. The rest can only stop losing more.

bigshynepo3633d ago

The whole reason that Japanese-Americans were sent to camps in world war 2 was because, even though they were American, they ran the risk of sympathizing with their mother country. It seems as it the blog poster could have been one of those sympathizers if he'd lived during that time.

BTW, I'm Canadian.

SL1M DADDY3632d ago

Especially considering that I am half German and had no issues playing COD2 and managed to suffer through COD3. Sorry, but this guy needs to get over it and just play the game for what it is, a game.

No Way3632d ago

It wouldn't matter to me, honestly.

It's like saying that you wouldn't play COD4 online unless you were the Marines, and if you weren't the Marines, then you'd leave the game and try again elsewhere.

Pretty stupid, eh?

Beast_Master3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Let's get something straight folks about WW2 Japan. Most people don't know this but China lost the most people during WWII!! ok by about 10 million. Japanese soldiers raped women then killed them and then stuck bamboo sticks in there privates and cut off the heads of the Men and Women. They where brutal!! and if it were not for the A bomb that war would have never ended because the Japanese would have fought till ever last man was dead.

Now I have no ill will towards the Japanese of today nor the Germans! But what the Japanese did to the Chinese, and what the Germans did to the Jews, and Americans did to the Japanese Americans... It is hard to fathum a world like that today. Thankfully most of us live in peace now.

No Way3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Do you know why the Japanese attack the Americans?

It was simply because the Japanese needed gas and oil to take over places such as Indonesia and Malaysia. And, the Americans refused because the Japanese were allied with Germany and Italy. So they took the cowardice attack, as you said, and attacked Pearl Harbor.

But, what you are missing, is that at Pearl Harbor, it wasn't just military personnel there, there was also women and children that died in that attack.

And, at the time the Americans did not have the soldiers or economic status to be fighting the Japanese, Italians, and Germans. So, they wanted to quickly end the war with the Japanese and offered the Japanese a chance to surrender. And, the US offered plenty of times, but each time the Japanese declined. So, the US dropped the Atom Bombs, the first one the Japanese military leader didn't pay any attention to it, as he didn't really care for their civilians, he just wanted to expand, but when the second one dropped the.. uhm, can't think of what position it was, but the top person in Japan stepped in and called off the war, and released the military leader from his position..

Pebz3632d ago

"History is written by the victors."

Japan was ready to surrender (though perhaps not unconditionally) before the bombs were dropped. The dropping of the bombs was a display of strength, amongst other things, but it certainly, by any conceivable notion, was not necessary to "end the war".

How any person, having given the subject a second thought, can accept that dropping A-bombs on civilians can ever be even remotely be justified as "the right thing to do" is truly beyond me.

Jacobite3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

@ panthers Japs not as evil as the Nazis you having a laugh Im sure the Chinese and Britsh prisoners would beg to differ.Germans treated their prisoners alot better than the Japs did, not all yes thats true ,but the Japs were evil aswell.

Beast_Master3632d ago

How could soldiers raping and beheading chinaese women and children be even more justified. They killed 30 million "innocent" Chinese! The Japanese didn't believe in surrender, which is why they slaughtered POWs. So the notion that they were on the "verge" of surrender is stupid!! Check your facts! We dropped 2 bombs because they refused to surrender after the first one.

Use some Common F***ing sence! If they where on the verge of surrender, wouldn't a bomb that wipes out an entire city be enough to say,'Ok you win'! Why 2 bombs over the course of a week! Simple dumbass because they refused to surrender!! If they wanted to show how big the USA's d1ck was they would have dropped them both at the same time. No they dropped 1 and said 'you give up' Japan: 'Nope' 2nd Bomb! "Tokyo is next, how about now"! Japan: "OK". If the US was so "evil" Why not just drop the bomb on the largest city in Japan, Tokyo?

If they where so poised at surrendering than why would soldiers in key battles commit suicide instead of being taken alive? It is simple they didn't believe there was "Honor" in surrendering, and they believe death was the only way for a soldier to have honor. Go read a book dude. Japan offically apologized to China for it's "War crimes" in 1992.

TheDude2dot03632d ago

I don't understand this at all. There are american citizens in GTA games. People learn to kill them for no reason. What's the punishment? Some fake money and restart in a police location or a hospital.

7 of my 12 uncles and both of my grandfathers were in wars. They also always buy shooting games like this for Christmas. I find it funny that veterans can get over a fiction game faster than some of the teenagers on this website.

This IS fiction. It doesn't matter if it's based on a real event, this is fiction. You have problem killing fake Japanese soldiers, but have no problem with fake, innocent american pedestrians?

Pebz3632d ago

"Facts" and "common sense" gets thrown around a lot, but let me give you a quote that is truly both, even if metaphorically;

"An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind."

Did the civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki kill the 30 million Chinese? It's a meaningless "us" and "them" mentality that allows this complete dehumanization, where people simply become guilty of everything their nation/creed/race, or any other generalization, has done.

If you really want to be a patriot, try to save your nation's soul, not public face.

Let me give you a little scenario for your consideration; you have 10 people who are sentenced to death, but you know for a fact that one is absolutely innocent, just that you have no way to find out who. Do you kill all 10 and make that 1 person pay for the other 9's crimes, or do you let all 10 live?

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socalr63633d ago

Maybe they should have thought twice before bombing Pearl Harbor and "awakening the sleeping giant". And those two nukes actually saved millions of Japanese and American lives. An ivasion of Japan would have been oh so bloody.

Panthers3633d ago

I gotta agree about the Nukes. The Japanese were fighting to the death and every island would have costs thousands of more lives. The Nukes ended the war and actually saved lives.

Nikkelz3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

no disrespect to you but its just a game,if you got it for entertainment and game play then you sir are a winner.
now if you bought this wanting to inspect for the inhumane treatment of Japanese soldiers who bombed u.s soil in a cowardly fashion and killed over 2000 soldiers and civilians then ding ding ding you hit the jack pot.

game on

Milky Joe3633d ago

I'd be careful with those sorts of remarks, mate. The US didn't exactly come out of WWII smelling of roses either.

harv0523633d ago

How many deaths in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? And by whom?

Also you have to remember, that Nazis (like the SS) where totally different from the typical German Soldiers. German Soldiers and Allied Soldiers (see what I wrote there...Not American Soldiers, ALLIED) were very much alike.

The Matrix3633d ago

YOU'RE EXACTLY RIGHT. This is easy history. The japanese slaughtered unarmed soldiers at pearl harbor so the U.S. decided to attack them as well as the Nazis and end the war. And britian would have been horse crap if the U.S. hadn't done anything. That idiot windston churchhill would have had the british hide like cowards until they were eventually bombed to death.

Halochampian3633d ago

The US would have never been in WWII if it were not for the bombing of Peal Harbor.

harv0523633d ago

And here lies my biggest beef...The USA only joined the war effort AFTER being directly attacked, on the 8 December 1941...

WWI, joined in May 1917, 4 years after the start...


Halochampian3633d ago

It wasnt any of our business. It wasn't our war to fight. We never even declared war on Germany. We declared war on Japan after attacking us. Germany then declared war on the US.

harv0523633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Not your war.......It never seems to be, unless directly provoked. After the invasion of POLAND, what about unprovoked: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, United Kingdom, Nepal, South Africa?

Halochampian3633d ago

without approval. The US was criticized for being WWI and did not want to repeat that. So Americans wanted to stay out of this war and worry about its own problems at the same time.

It did help in war efforts by supporting weapons for Canada and escorts for the UK.

PainisCupcake3633d ago

Idiot Winston Churchill?? The greatest Briton ever to have lived, who's inspirational leadership kept our starving poorly equipped nation fighting whilst staring defeat in the face? Going though the Luftwaffe's terror bombing for an entire year and coming out of it still fighting? Yeah hiding like cowards my arse you Ignorant Moron...

YoMeViet3633d ago

wasn't your war? *cough* Vietnam War???

Halochampian3633d ago

Vietnam is a different story because it did effect America. Communism was spreading down towards the Philippines (which was US soil at the time.) The US wasnt going to allow Communism to spread any farther. You can argue that the US shouldn't had been there but it was more of a threat to us then to go into WWII without Japan attacking.

In short. In Vietnam, the US was provoked subtly to try and stop something communism before it hit US soil.

Vip3r3632d ago

Didn't the Iraq war happen without approval?

Oh and the US only entered the European front because of the sinking if the Lusitania.

No Way3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Actually, the Americans didn't do anything for the British except send them equipment, which most didn't make it there anyway.

The only reason Britain didn't get conquered was because of two reasons.
1. The Germans took their focus off of British military bases and started attacking British civilians, which pissed of the British and made them start fighting back, because it becomes a different war when you are attacking Military, then when attacking Civilians. When Hitler was attacking the Military bases, it was just an annoyance to the British Government.
2. And, the biggest thing that saved the British, was the Russians. Hitler decided to attack the Russians (while still fighting the British), and Hitler had to leave Britain to deal with the Russians.

So, really, the Americans didn't do too much to help out the British.
If anything, the British helped out the Americans more when the US actually, physically, got into the war.

@harv052 - It was called The Depression. They didn't have the resources to get [physically] involved, and basically had no reason to get involved. They thought that the war was going to stay in the East, war has happened there since.. well, forever. So, why should the West have gotten involved? The US didn't think anything of it.. until they got attacked. But, the biggest factor for not getting involved was because of The Depression. After the Japanese attack, they couldn't sit by and "watch" anymore.

@Vip3r - No, the war in Iraq was approved to happen..

@harv052 - The two reasons the Americans physically got involved in WW2 was because of the bombing at Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, and the sinking of American Ships by the German U-Boats. But, the Americans were ALWAYS involved in WW2.

PainisCupcake3631d ago

We didn't start fighting back till the Luftwaffe started bombing civilians? I'm sorry but what the hell? You insinuating that we just sat there and took it until that switch of tactics? Or did you just badly phrase that comment lol.
When the Luftwaffe switched from bombing the RAF airfields and radar stations to the civilian population it gave Fighter Command the time to re-group, re-arm and eventually defeated the Luftwaffe. If they hadn't of made that mistake, the RAF would surely have been destroyed and the Germans would have invaded.

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NaiNaiNai3633d ago

so its fine to kill germans and russians. but its bad to kill japanese. thats pathetic. your might as well say saving private ryan is bad. it shows them killing germans, but no thats fine. *nai is german* but i dent take offense to it. if you say you wont play it because they kill someone your racist. your afraid of being proved racist. thats just pathetic.

PopEmUp3633d ago

- racist people these days

CrippleH3633d ago

This is why aliens make better enemies.

What about the german?
What about the Chinese?
What about the Japanese?
What about the Koreans?
What about the Russians?

They are always the enemies in movies and games. People of those race hate seeing that also.

cheapndirty3633d ago

What about the Canadians? Or the Swedes?

harv0523633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Which joined the war on the 10th September 1939...

Sweden remained neutral for most of the war, BUT did provide help to the germans...