No, the device that lets you use keyboard and mouse on consoles isn't cheating

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is right around the corner. And with its impending release, gamers are already looking for ways to get ahead in its surely intense competitive multiplayer community.

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isarai31d ago

Wouldn't say it's full on cheating but it certainly gives an inherent advantage, much like arcade sticks do for fighting games, or racing wheels for racing games.

NapalmSanctuary30d ago

I wouldn't say fightsticks offer an advantage unless you're using a hitbox. Pad players play better with pads and stick players play better with sticks. Its all about what you're adjusted to. Evo has been won by a player using a ps1 pad before.

Tross30d ago

I’m sure someone who’s pro enough can win with pretty much anything, but what they use as a controller can make all the difference as certain control schemes are better suited than others for optimal performance at certain types of games. A really good player may still pull off an epic win regardless of the controls being used, but I’m sure even most pros look into what would give them the best edge.

NapalmSanctuary30d ago

Whether someone is a fightstick player or a pad player, it takes practice to get good at using the particular input method. Someone who spends all their practice time on pad is going to suck if you force them to use a fightstick.

"but I’m sure even most pros look into what would give them the best edge."
Which is why pad players use pads and stick players use fightsticks.

The point thats being missed here is that why wouldn't a person invest in the absolute best input method FOR THEM. The onus is clearly on the devs to make their games friendly to all types of players by allowing native mouse and keyboard support so that the games can detect what someone is using, so that the game can properly separate players into input device specific lobbies. At this point, what you use is clearly a choice, whether its a controller or mouse and keyboard. Devs need to catch up with the industry instead of trying to force players to use input devices that do not suit them.

rainslacker30d ago

There was a time when stick was more used in general, so more people were used to them. Controllers can be just as precise, if not more so, if you're used to them. I'd say that someone really good on a controller will be really good regardless, but controllers aren't comparable to keyboards on ease of control for some kinds of games. I like Mouse and keyboard for FPS myself, because I'm kind of twitchy and the analogs I don't use enough in precision games to be really good with them. This can make them a bit more frustrating, but I eventually adapt.

TimelessDbz30d ago

Anyone using a keyboard on a competitive shooter usually do suck / lose all respect. Why do think these online warriors never show up in person for a local tournament. It's more then likely because they are not that good at the game on console.

If you take the same person using the keyboard and mouse on console and put them on PC they would absolutley get wrecked.

kparks30d ago

Actually people are complaining about these people gaming the system with a work around to play in controller only lobbies not the fact that they're using a mouse and keyboard.

RememberThe35730d ago

Exactly. You can play m/k on consoles the issue is that the devs don't know whether your using m/k or a controller so if you use m/k you still get to use aim assist.

NapalmSanctuary30d ago

In the specific case of using keyboard and mouse in 'controller only' lobbies, I would call it cheating.

Adirzzz30d ago

Than give them a wired weapon to play with, not keyboard and a mouse, that’s cheating whether u like it or not and it’s unbelievably dumb that ppl actually argue and doubt that. ..

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2pacalypsenow31d ago

Alright let me see someone use it on a tournament.

Argosax30d ago

TL;DR: It's not cheating nor it gives an advantage. I'm not good enough to extract its full potential, therefore it doesn't give an advantaged because bad players exist.

Stupidity at its finest.

phoenixwing30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

it certainly does and am i the only one who liked it when there were no mouse and keyboard support? It felt nice knowing everyone had a standard issue controller when i played against them on console. it was one of the things that made console gaming feel better.

Edit: now i'll have to wonder if they have mouse and keyboard as the reason they're so good in a shooter.

NapalmSanctuary30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Cheating implies that they have an advantage that no one else has access to. Anyone can get their hands on a device that allows mouse and keyboard support on consoles. The real problem is that stock controllers are just particularly bad input devices for shooters. The genre was designed around mouse and keyboard controls. Thats why aim assist is a thing in console shooters. PC as well, if you're using a controller but it was designed to make shooters viable on consoles.

Stretch2130d ago

The idea that cheating only applies if no one else has access to them is naive at best. Common cheats like wall hacks, aim bots etc. exist for anyone willing to access them. Are you saying these are not cheats and its OK to use aim bots and wall hacks in multiplayer games?

AnubisG30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

So if more than one person uses a killswitch, than it ism't cheating? If more than one person uses an aimbot, that isn't cheating either?

I think you need to rethink that logics you have there buddy.

Chearing is simply when you brale the rules of the game that everyone else agreed to. For example; if the developers of a certain game have not added k/m support to a FPS game hence everyone plays with a controller but you somehow figure it out how to use a k/m in said game which WILL without a doubt give you an edge overe everyone else IS cheating. Now that can be done by a lot of people and still qualify as cheating.

Also; aim assist is actually makes you less precise even with a controller. I always turn if off and I play with a controller just fine.

L7CHAPEL30d ago

Cheating is having an alternate input method, unless Everybody else does have it, it gives you an advantage over the way the game was designed and the standard equipment people are using,.. "everybody else has access to it so it's not cheating" everybody else has access to aimbots and wall hacks too, so that's not cheating?

NapalmSanctuary30d ago

We're not talking about cheats. We're talking about input devices. Don't call me naive while being intentionally absurd.

Unless you're talking about lobbies specifically designated as 'controller only', Its not cheating. That would be the only valid case of "someone breaking the rules that everyone has agreed to". Devices like this are common in the market nowadays. At this point its on devs to add an option to designate a lobby as controller only, end of story.

Thats like saying its cheating if I use My Hori RAP4 (fightstick) on Ultra Street Fighter 4 online. Again with the absurdities.

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xX1NORM1Xx30d ago

Yes it is, it’s tricking your console into thinking your using a controller and that’s matching you against controller players in a world where I can plug a mouse and keyboard into my PS4 or Xbox one and just have them work while matching me against pc people this is 100% a cheating device...

Why would anyone actually use this when you can just plug your mouse and keyboard into the PS4 and Xbox one and they just work? It’s purely to get matched against controller players.

I will say anyone sad enough to actually use this online over just straight plugging in their mouse and keyboard probably sucks so bad that even iPad players would destroy them.

djplonker30d ago

Yup alot of people forget it tricks the system so you get aim assist too.

Not sure if it helps the cheaters or not though it might be something they switch off.

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