Are Nintendo Directs Enough?

Nintendo Directs bring so much hype. But could they be doing more? How can Nintendo build more hype for their surprises in the future?

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Segata35d ago

People overhype them as it is. They don't need anymore hype.

King_Noctis35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

But the Direct themselves usually deliver. Almost (if not all) Switch era’s Directs haven’t disappoint yet and the last one was really good. So what is overhyped about them?

Segata35d ago

I like them but saying they need to be hyped more isn't needed. People hype them up as E3 every 3 months. They bring plenty of hype.

KeenBean34535d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Directs are perfect in the sense that they never overstay their welcome and they are to the point. It's not like E3 where you get a lot of long, on stage casual filler from most companies

King_Noctis35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

They even announced Ring Fit Adventure in a separate video far from the Direct. The old Nintendo would have found a way to shoehorn it into the main Direct. This is what I like about the Direct now, simple and straight to the point. No pointless talking, no boring interviews, and no fillers.

JunMei35d ago

I like that they are short and sweet and can come out at any random time.

RosweeSon35d ago

Exactly why wait for June every year like most developers used to release their games all at the same time of year Oct/Nov now its spread out a bit more with Jan/March normally pretty rammed also but times have changed and Nintendo always do things their way these directs are great 3/4 a year 30/45 minutes games galore so much info new and expanded upon (games we already knew about/revealing their launch dates etc) they are brilliant. Also if they not to your liking content wise there’s always another a month or 3 behind it ;) some games developers need more than a couple of days over e3 to reveal all their games to the next 1-2 years