Giant Bomb: Resistance 2 Review

Giant Bomb writes: "Oh, Resistance 2! You are so confused about what you want out of me. Do you want me to play through your horrible single-player campaign, with its erratic and nonsensical storytelling? Would you rather I just concentrate on your deep and engaging multiplayer modes? How about if we just start from the top and answer these questions together?"

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Lifendz3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

R2 has to be so much better than anything Gears 2 puts out. Gears has no story, people are fine with it. R2 tries to give a story, people slam it for not giving a story on the level of the Godfather. Gears gives you weapons before you'll need them, it's cool. R2 does that, it's horrible.

It's an FPS people. Yes Bioshock and Half life 2 took this genre to a new level in terms of story telling but if you have to be consistent. Slam both for the same if they both have the same flaws. It's a double standard and it's really starting to show who is unbiased and who is not.

Amazing that these guys call themselves unbiased.

Lifendz3633d ago

not a victim at all. I bought the game and am enjoying it. Just saying if you're going to hold one game to a standard it's only fair to hold another to the same standard. There are exceptions out there and I'm not proffering this as a perfect standard...but in this particular instance we're talking two big budget AAA games (or at least hyped that way). To say one should be X but the other only has to be W in terms of quality in any one area is sort of bogus.

cherrypie3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )


Wow, you're way off base.

The problem with Resistance 2 is independant of other titles. Comparing it to the sequal to such a popular and critically acclaimed Game of the Year is unfair to Resistance 2. Its not in the same league.

In a technical sense, Resistance 2 isnt up to the standard of the title you compared it to.

The graphics of Resistance 2 are *very* weak. The animation, textures and lighting are also very weak.

The only saving grace for Resistance 2 is that it is "stealing with pride"; from the bubble shield to the "gun with saw mounted" weapon - this game is a knock-off; a _good_ knock-off, but not a technical victory, not an artistic (in the game-innovation sense) victory.

And, before someone says it, just tossing 60 people into a Multiplayer isnt a technical victory.

Xbox original had a multi-player FPS with 50 players years ago; Frontlines: Fuel of War has a 60 player Multi-player. The MMOFPS Huxley is already showing many of these large-scale squad-based MP elements (expect Huxley early next year I'd bet..)

Personally, it seems that Resistence 2 is getting high reviews because of the "FPS bias" amoung reviewers.

"The original Bubble Shield was smaller than the finished Bubble shield , as seen in the Starry Night video"
"Beta Version of Halo 3 the Bubble Shield"
"Starry Night is a short CG spot released on December 4, 2006"

The Halo 3 was first *publicly* seen on the Halo 3 First look (May 06 - May 06)...and energy shields have been in Halo since Combat Evolved.

you were saying?

bigman73873633d ago

Do you know where I first saw a bubble shield? Any idea?

NOT Halo 3. Resistance: Fall of Man. Resistance had the bubble shield before Halo did. Please don't talk about what you don't know.

Also, I think Resistance 2's animations are much better than the Gears of War games. The character's movements from Gears are so damn clunky. Like they don't know how to extend their elbows straight out or bend over correctly.

From your comments I'm pretty sure you don't own a PS3 nor have you played Resistance. Give it a chance before you down it. Its really not a bad looking game at all especially considering the creatures that you fight, one of which is 300 FEET TALL. All I'm saying is you need to stop bashing R2 when you haven't played it.

ThanatosDMC3633d ago

Ummm... the bubble shield came from Resistance 1. Grenade that deflects everthing and damages chimeras. Also, the Auger did the same a shielded wall infront of you.

Whoever reviewed the game never finished the first game or bother reading the Intel reports. Spinners "process" humans to make Grims. They're like mobile processors if you will.

Also, his gripes about technology. Chimeran tech changed technology. There was also an Intel about soldiers find a piece of tech that greatly improved America's own tech. The tech according to the intel was heavily defended.

Grims are mindless "zombies" and do not require cooling units since they're purpose is just to kill. They cannot be ordered by other Chimeras... but maybe Angels can???

Anyway, i guess it's his opinion... nyeh.

callahan093633d ago

@ Cherrypie:

The bubble shield is not a rip off, and neither is the "saw mounted weapon." Like it or not, the first game to have an effective bubbleshield that the player could actually use was Resistance 1. The saw mounted gun is nothing like the chainsaw gun in Gears of War, either, and you'd know that if you actually played the game rather than bashing it. The gun actually fires small sawblades that repeatedly rip apart the enemy it's fired at.

The secondary fire capabilities of all of the weapons are fun and add an interesting element to the gameplay. Setting traps with the magnum and the bullseye is a great strategy, and shooting foes through walls with the auger is a great thing too. All of the weapons are great.

Also... the graphics are poor with bad textures? Yeah, sure. Why don't you play the game on an HDTV and then come back and say that. The game is gorgeous. You already admitted elsewhere that you haven't played the game yet, and you're going to call it ugly and say it has bad textures, whilst having never even played the game? Man, save your criticism for when you actually know what you're talking about next time.

bigman73873633d ago

The Halo 3 trailer that you're talking about was released in December 2006. The game Resistance:FoM was released on November 11th, 2006. And I'm not talking about energy shields, because they've been in gaming forever.

Technically the first bubble shield I ever saw was Sonic the Hedgehog, and said bubble shield also let him breathe underwater.

You were saying?

badz1493633d ago

DAMN these DUMB reviewers spewing BS about a game they barely played at all! It's a shame that almost all PS3 dedicated Dev such as Insomniac has to deal with all these bastards! Insomniac has produced nothing but quality titles and we can truly see the effort in R2 and I can safely say that they are really all out on R2!

horrible SP?? complaining about the story?? Resistance has among the best story for an FPS and the scale of the game itself is ridiculously HUGE! the enemies are the largest in FPS, enemies swarming at you in a group of 30-40 at once, huge environment and all without a slight hiccup of framerate which stays solid at 30fps all throughout the game! the MP is 2nd to none on any consoles! separate story co-op? checked! up to 30vs30? checked! objective based MP? checked! and lagless?? that's a frag fest heaven in my book! in short, R2 is ground to sky better than the 1st one (still, how many games did you find have 20vs20?) and it's simply among the best FPS to have came out this gen! mind you that this is only the 2nd FPS from Insomniac!

in contrast, they praised the horrible story of Gears2 and praise it for every single thing! for god sake Gears2 is glitchy with hiccups of framerate occurs in many places! the MP portion is horrible with people complaining about the hit detection and even matchmaking! they even praise 5vs5 MP when that's utterly tiny compared to what R2 has to offer! talking about being bias, giant bomb is full of it!

himdeel3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

...the reviews of this game are starting to get beyond annoying with their comments about a lack of story. It's like I'm hearing a sound bite for R2 that has caught on and every reviewer has latched onto it therefore repeating the same trash as truth. The game picks up after the first and is the story of Nathan Hale after the events of R:FOM

Reviewers have been complaining about it not feeling like a WW2 era game beyond the cars and radio station chatter. However this is a sci-fi game about Chimeras (Not Germans) taking over the world and the struggle of the last bastion of humanity using reverse engineered technology to combat them. It's called an alternate reality. None of this $#*t is real...

Beast_Master3632d ago

You can all eat a bucket of SH1T!! I actually own the game, I find it extremely addictive. On my 56 inch screen the graphics are some of the best I have seen in any game so all you HATERS can go eat a BUCKET OF FRIED TURDS!!!


Ju3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

- wrong place :)

ThanatosDMC3631d ago

They also say R2 isnt original. What about Marcus Fenix riding the Brumak like Solid Snake plowing through Geckos? Also, if it was war why is it that only a handful of people are fighting? Where's the rest of the population?

And last but not least... WTF is up with the Lord of the Rings ending talk of the queen? Like summarizing or foreshadowing an event. She also sounds like some hot chick... shouldnt she sound more monterous?

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thor3633d ago

Why are all these review sites saying the SP campaign is "horrible"? It's a very harsh criticism, especially when you consider that the mechanics are the same except the scale is enormous. Is it really that bad? Or are they completely exaggerating?

Ghoul3633d ago

Ok i played halo3 and resistance2 singleplayer. And i can assure you to 100% that quality gameplay etc. is absolutly on paar and i really cant understand why anyone would say resistance2 singleplayer is bad while they sad how awesome halo3 was -.-

CrippleH3633d ago

These reviewers have such a double standard I swear.

COD4 single player wasn't that good but they never deducted points from it.

Resistance 2 single player rocked. I don't care if you died a lot, I did but it was challenging. Not a hand holding experience.

Ghoul3633d ago

@ crippleH

word ! I mean o liked cod4 singleplayer but it was a chain of mission without any real connection to your next mission. Let thos dorks rant all they want R2 is a musthave for shooterfans

CrippleH3633d ago

Yeah that's what I mean.

They rant on R2 for having no reason to go on the next mission when COD4 does the same thing.

Isn't that double standards?

Fruit Loops3633d ago

I really hate how they bash on the single player campaign, anyone that plays it should know the scale and magnitutde that the story has.
Calling it rubbish dismisses the fact that it was really immersive and engaging.

ramblingswede3633d ago

I have played through the R2 single player and agree with most of the sites. It seems that they sacrificed the single player campaign for the multiplayer. The story is practically nonsensical, and there are so many "GOTCHA!" one hit death scenarios that I found it a chore to even complete. For the record I loved RFOM and Insomniac is one of my favorite developers. The coop and competitive modes are unbelievable (by far the best on PS3), but single player is average at best.

thereapersson3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

These reviewers are more than content to give Gears of War and Halo 3's story a free pass.

Oh, can't forget about COD 4's sh1t single player. 6 hour single player game? WTF.

BattleAxe3633d ago

I can't understand some of these reviewers. What is so confusing about the storyline?.I don't get where these guys are comming from. Its almost like if theres any substance to a story, their brains just can't handle it.

Big double standard in the media, and I have to agree with HipHopGamer, its not just PS3 against the XBOX 360, its the PS3 against the media also.

Ghoul3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Scoring R2 under 90% is childish. Only because of the incredible well crafted gameplay, 60 fps no matter whathappens on screen, 60 player onlinemp, 8 player coop, incredible weapondesign, 50+ Enemys onscreen, etc.

I myself would score it a solid 91%, mainly because i love other games (HL2, Tf2, BF Series on PC, GeOW 1+2, Bioshock) even more but thats personal taste. I also liked gears of war even better (seriously id score it a 95%) but that doesnt smallen the fact that R2 is a masterpiece worth atleast 90%.

btw same goes for Ratchet and Resistance 1. I really love all consoles so im definatly not biased but cou gotta admit if those games where 360 exclusives they would have an average score of 93%

CrippleH3633d ago

I think I upset the COD fans or whoever disagreed without reason.

Well *sticks up middle finger*

callahan093633d ago

They are completely exaggerating.
They're also fools, assholes, fanboys, morons, twits, I don't frickin' know, but I do know that I played Resistance 2 and loved it, and I'm addicted as hell to it, and leveling up and getting more XP and unlocking more trophies, and that it is by far the most under-rated game of this year.

Horrible? Pshaw. What a bunch of crap. Morons, morons, morons I say.

ultimolu3633d ago

I wonder why this game is getting bashed period.
My God...this is freaking annoying.

ASTAROTH3633d ago

First GAMEPRO said the graphics were crap, then IGN and others said the graphics were amazing. I believe the graphics are amazing and a HUGE improvement over RFOM!, not like Gears 2 whose graphics are sligthy improved with more color. Second they said the SP campain sucks!!! I think...what the HELL THEY WANT!!!. They said the story is crap, but they said Gears 2 story is amazing and they disrespectfully compares Gears 2 story with the story in MGS4!!!

They said that is online multiplayer is amazing!! But they complaint about how it falls short of the COD4 experience. They said the SP is too hard that you died a lot...but praises other games( NG2! ) for being hardcore!!. They didnt even complaint of how short and easy Gears 2 SP campain is!!. Well I have both of them Gears2 and R2 and in my own judgement R2 is better. I finished Gears 2 first and it has a mediocre storyline. Its a good game and deserves the great scores but the media even go as far as to said that Gears 2 is a huge improvement over the first!!.. a much better game...So they are saying that the first Gears is crap...because for me the similarities between the two are there. Not like R2 wich is much better than the first one and is receiving unfair reviews. Well for anyone who doubts R2 is better read ARSTECNICA review as an example.

I laughed when I read about the press conspiracies against the PS3, now I believe them. R2 had being treated unfairily by the media, and yes the fans are rigth... every POS released on the 360 receives better scores than a better game on the PS3. Examples?? Kameo, PGR3, Perfect Dark, Fable 2, Banjo K... and others!!. I take my own conclusions now based on how unfair the media is against the PS3. Games like Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, RFOM, R2, Motorstorm, Folklore (specially Folklore), Heavenly Sword, and even Little Big Planet are all underated by the press. Even Lair was an enjoyable game that the press simply killed!!

To all the Sony fans here yourself a favor and stop complaining and buy the damn game you will believe in what im saying after playing least 360 fans support their consoles and games and went berzerk to bougth Gears 2...I believe most of the one who are complaining havent yet in mind buy R2!. IMSOMNIAC deserves your support PS3 fans...

cherrypie3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Look at you guys, bending over to say the MEDIA is biased against not only Resistance -- but Sony & the PS3?

What is wrong with you people?

Gears of War -- not just Gears of War 2, but the original -- looks better than Resistence 2 FFS.

Gears of War 1 gameplay:

Resistance 2 gameplay:

For both videos: Gears of War 1 is all *in engine, in game* video - while much of what was seen before release of Resistance 2 was *CG*. So, its time for you to *re-look* at what the game actually looks like when _you_play_it_. Look at that second video, in-game it looks horrible. Worse than Haze FFS.

So, when watching the SECOND video -- LOOK AT THE IN-GAME VIDEO.

Then, go back and look at Gears of War **1** again.

Resistance 2 is flat, lifeless and without detail in comparison.

callahan093633d ago

Cherrypie, you haven't played the game and you don't know what you're talking about. Stop trying to tell all of us that have played the game that we're wrong. It'd be like me telling a native Swahili speaker how to speak their own native tongue when I myself know not one single word of the language. I've played the game and I can attest that Resistance 2 is beautiful. You have not played it, so stop trying to tell all of us who have experienced it first hand that our vision was somehow lying to us.


I agree with some of what you say, to be sure. I mean, when comparing reviews of Resistance 2 with Gears of War 2, they say that Resistance has too many cheap death moments? They mention the invisible enemies. Man, if you actually keep your eyes and ears peeled, you will see and hear them coming and they only take literally ONE SHOT to kill. If you fail once, then you know exactly where it'll be the next time, and you won't fail. I had no difficulties with that whatsoever. I think I died twice in the entire game from the one-hit-kill enemies.
But the critics lambast the game for those enemies.

Then, in Gears of War 2, in the second act (Denizens) where you're underground, they introduce these creatures that ALSO kill you in one hit, only they have locusts riding their backs that fire their guns at you as they charge you, and the beasts take more than a full clip with your standard machine gun to kill. So you can't get anywhere near them, they kill you in one hit if you do, they damage you from a distance as well, and they require a lot of bullets to kill. Oh, and aiming grenades in Gears of War is annoying, inaccurate, unecessarily difficult and leaves you as a sitting duck for far too long (why don't the same critics who hate on Resistance 2 ever mention these faults with Gears of War 2?). In my opinion those enemies / segments in Gears of War 2 are about 100 times more frustrating and unfair than anything I saw in Resistance 2.

Oh, and the checkpoints in Gears of War 2 are bull. You can beat a segment that takes like 5 or 10 minutes and a lot of precision and patience and skill and sometimes a little bit of luck on the harder difficulties, but they don't give you the checkpoint, they throw some other, usually harder, challenge at you that you must complete first before they give you the checkpoint. I can't even tell you how many times I've repeated the same stunt over and over and over and over and over again just to get to the little part that comes after it which kept killing me. They really should've been friendlier with the checkpoints. No, it doesn't make me better at your game to re-do the same thing 100 times in a row, just let me re-try the part that I keep dying at without choring through the little set-up battle, which just kills my focus and keeps me from getting any better at the part I'm having trouble with!!

Argh. I truly believe that Gears 2 is getting a free ride from some of the criticism it deserves, and Resistance 2 is getting lambasted undeservedly. In my opinion, Gears 2 is easily the most over-rated game this holiday and Resistance 2 easily the most under-rated. They're both great games, to be sure, but it's a clear trend here where reviewers love the same things in Gears that they hate in Resistance, and criticize one game more than the other for no good reason.

ThanatosDMC3632d ago

Whoa, slow down... R2's graphics sucks? Comparing it to Haze? Wow, what game were you playing? Was it actually Haze?

Anyway, if you notice Gamespot's review video those maps from the single player looks like an earlier build. I'm pretty sure there were fires on those green crates when he was walking around with the magnum.

Also, you cant justify a youtube like video of the game. You need to play the actual game in at least a 19" HDTV or something before you bash it, AND when you do bash a game be creative and knowledgeable about the game.

Ju3632d ago

@Cherry, you just pwnd yourself so badly. Would you have played the game, you'd know, this video from R2 is ingame, not CG, yet you complain its unfair to compare R2-CG against G1 ingame. pwhwoa ha ha ha...LOL.

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steck673633d ago

Resistance 2 is amazing and I recommend it to you PS3 FPS fans. The multiplayer is fun and the single player is amazing. The graphics are nothing huge but the gameplay is so deep that you dont even have time to check out the graphics.

Ghoul3633d ago

i correct, the graphics are good and on some spots breathtaking, the polycount is incredible on the chimera structures and swarming 50+ units onto you while you have a steady 60 fps is a great achievement.

TheIneffableBob3633d ago

I thought Resistance 2 was 30 FPS.

DJ3633d ago

Just like Resistance 1.

INehalemEXI3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Resistance 2 graphics are great, Its not KZ2 but its still impressive. As you progress in the single player the levels detail gets more and more impressive. No console game yet does flora , fauna and trees better too. Not even uncharted. Though overall Uncharted may top it graphically not sure. The insides of those Chimeran ships looked sick too. Those james bondesque doors where cool.

R2's Scale is definitley top knotch. In terms of amount of enemy's on screen, amount of action going on at once. 30 vs 30 matches where else you get that in a console shooter?

sniping in the bayou was awesome.

Ju3632d ago

I think, even the water is better then in Uncharted. At least the fluid dynamics and how they make extensive use of water thru the campaign (even though viscosity seams off at times). The only thing they messed up in regards of the water is the dripping water falls which are simple texture based. Nothing beats UCs waterfall scene.

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ngg123453633d ago

That review looked like a 60% review. But, it seemed like giantbomb didn't want to do a suicide and rated it a 4/5.

RPG Guy3633d ago

Giant bomb are made up of the anti-sony goofs exposed last fall w/ Ratchet and Clank right? This review doesn't surprise me.

cherrypie3632d ago

"Unfortunately, a handful of minor issues, such as less than stellar graphics, keep this game from reaching the high bar set by competing titles like Call of Duty 4 and Gears of War 2"