10 Things About Gaming in the 90's Modern Gamers Will Never Understand

Gaming in the 90s was very different too now. Here are 10 things 90s gamers had to do which modern gamers will never understand.

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AK9132d ago

Ah yes memory cards so many fond memories of those things.

awdevoftw32d ago

Gaming in the 80s was even more wild. Arcades were still happening in the 90s, but nothing will top going to a corner store, or a 7 11, and seeing the latest machines out. Bowling alleys, pizza parlors, and dedicated arcades were treasures for new arcade releases. The mid 90s started to blur the home and arcade scene, and eventually surpassed the arcades. Very sad times for an old school gamer.

kitano194732d ago

I live in japan and love that there are arcades everywhere. You can find a lot of really old school ones in small spaces with old guys (my age) smoking away playing. Very cheap to play

awdevoftw32d ago

That's awesome. They are very few and far between where I am at, and the games are usually upgraded mobile games. Lol. The arcade scene is now mostly ticket machines and a few newer releases, but nothing like before.

PurpHerbison32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Sega Channel blew my mind as a kid.

william_cade32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Those shitty graphics that people think are cool and stylish now weren't really cool, it was all we had.

Buying a complete game was possible.

Platformers everywhere.

How about those long ass lines to play Dragon Lair at the local arcade? And when Virtua Fighter 2 came out, good luck getting any play time on the weekends.

william_cade31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

If you say so. While I was playing, I couldn't help but imagine what they could be like. Yes, the PS1 (for console gamers. I'm a console gamer) changed everything, but console gaming in the early to mid 90s was fun but the graphics sucked then and still do, no way around it.

nowitzki200431d ago

Yeah we all imagined what the future was like. But Those graphics for that time were the best we had, and to us playing at that time they were amazing graphics.

PurpHerbison31d ago

I actually felt like we took a step back with the PS1 for lots of games compared to the 16 bit era. Sprite work was to be respected and lots of games still hold their charm to this very day. The polygon look of PS1 has made most games age terribly in terms of looks.

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The story is too old to be commented.