Is Gears 5 the Game-Changer Microsoft Desperately Needs to Rival Sony?

Microsoft needs a big Xbox win to compete with Sony as the industry approaches the next gen. It's banking on The Coalition's Gears 5 shooter to provide just that.

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mrmikew201835d ago

MS introducing the XBO as an entertainment device was definitely a fumble and that really put a dent in their early sales of the system.

But MS had several opportunities to bounce back and they failed at each one.

The X was supposed to be their ‘save & grace’ by introducing 4K and uncompromise graphics. But instead, their 4K machine can barely do 4K. Mine you, the Xbox community didn’t care about resolution until the X arrived.

The only ones that hype up that joke of a machine is DF and their inbreed followers.

But staying on topic, while Gears 5 is a great game, it’s way to late in the current gen cycle for MS to bank on anything with that one game, especially when it’s compared to Sony’s lineup.

MS needed to make something new, something fresh by introducing a new IP. However they continued to rely on the same tired 3 franchises that eventually bite them in butt.

It’s a shame that it took MS five years to make one game on their system that’s worth talking about.

AngelicIceDiamond35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

"But MS had several opportunities to bounce back and they failed at each one."

What opportunities would that be?

"But instead, their 4K machine can barely do 4K."

But it does do 4k

I agree MS definitely needs something new. Have the same quality of Gears 5 with new ip.

"It’s a shame that it took MS five years to make one game on their system that’s worth talking about."

That's not true FH4, Ori and even SoT. You say old franchises bite them in the butt so far they're the only games critically acclaimed and keeping them a float. As I'm mention Forza last year Gears this year and probably HI next year.

mrmikew201835d ago

By opportunities I mean the two E3 conferences (one being exclusive to them) and the one Gamecoms conference.

These were ‘major’ opportunities for them to show the consumer why they should not only purchase the XBOX, but why we just invest heavily into the Xbox ecosystem overall.

Unfortunately they failed at every event. They failed at showing any new games, they did however purchase all of these studios, but again we have to wait and see what these companies do.

FanboySpotter35d ago

People believe games are made in weeks. Lol "they had many chances!"

Godmars29035d ago

""But instead, their 4K machine can barely do 4K."

But it does do 4k"

Stopped here to laugh.

"You are perhaps the worst pirate I've ever heard of.

But you have heard of me."

"they're the only games critically acclaimed and keeping them a float."

How are Sea of Thieves and, Forza 4(?) critically acclaimed. Where's any evidence that those games are keeping the Xbox "afloat" when no sales numbers are released?

Kribwalker35d ago

“How are Sea of Thieves and, Forza 4(?) critically acclaimed. Where's any evidence that those games are keeping the Xbox "afloat" ”

Sea of Thieves has become a pretty solid new IP after all of the updates, But Forza Horizon 4 is the highest rated exclusive racer of this gen. It has over 12 million players and more than 4 million people play it still every month.

That game is both commercially and critically acclaimed.

As far as this article, it will take a lot more than gears 5 for them to rival sony’s exclusives, but with them buying up all those studios and starting the initiative, the future does look bright for them to get there

35d ago
Godmars29035d ago


Don't know what to tell you. What would register past a mindset that ignores how much Gamepass makes reported numbers worthless. Numbers that don't equate with sales or anything approaching substance.

RedDevils35d ago

Damn bot you're trying too hard, are you gonna cry now?

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ImGumbyDammit35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

When you mean barely you actually mean you are referring to that fake 4K wanna be the PS4 Pro right? That console was the biggest scam this gen: a 4K device without a 4K disc player, that calls quasi 4K rendering, 4K. I fell for it and bought one. I like it over my old PS4 but, not the way the X has changed my idea of what good console gaming on 4K can be like now. Obviously you don't own an X and I can tell you there are a great deal of games doing real 4K. Not this barely any games idea you want to propagate. True, not all games but those developers that took the time work with work well at 4K on the system show what is possible. And never did MS say it would be 100% 4K with everything. And that same idea will continue for next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft, who promises by all accounts in (or at least is expected to be 4K 60fps by most gamers - shameful if it is not mostly after the X being able to do it already at 30fps and even sometimes at 60fps) but, it won't be. Games will be 30fps. There will be games using quasi 4K techniques to fake true 4K. In your book will that make them barely 4K next-gen as well?.

"Staying on topic"
After you spend 90% of the time trashing on the Xbox with non-topic comments.

"the Xbox community didn’t care about resolution until the X arrived"
LOL! As opposed to you the PS community who only cared about resolution until the X arrived.

As for tired franchises? You mean like Sony relying on games like Uncharted which has more iterations than the slightly older Gears game series (seriously Gears has basically 5 releases and reimagining of the original game, Uncharted has 5 different releases and several collections/redos) or Or God of War has more iterations then Halo but Halo has been around three years longer. Those type of tired games from Sony are still around and being used over and over more readily then Xbox staples. Forza games at least skips a year and changes quite a bit . Strange people on the PS end don't seem to ever mention The Show being released every year but little changes (heck lets be honest people pick on FIFA but it is the MLB that is a real ripoff).

SOT a new IP at 19 months after its release still has millions playing it each month. Actively updated. Can Spider-Man only a year old say as much? Heck, can any Sony game say it has a large population playing after a month or two its release? I am sure you can point to sale numbers but, even Sony realizes it is MAU numbers that actually tell the value of game not how many bought the game. Sony has even started to use MAU rather then sale numbers.

AS for DF. You mean the same DF that was sparkle in every PS fan boys eye when they bent over backwards last gen with their support of the PS3 And lets not pretend they have been rosy for Xbox. It is just that they don't get all gushy over your favorite little plastic the way they use to. No DF is evil and biased because they have been positive for the Xbox On X. How can that be? That must mean they are bad and hype machines. Talk about PS4 fanboy boy logic. DF followers? Seriously did you get booted off there by the meanies? I find the DF users and comments from varying points of views so much less toxic then N4G. People are much more cordial and less my console over yours (there is that, but so much less of it). Often people on either side of the debate will not put up with flat out crap that goes on here.

mrmikew201835d ago

Well if you read the article (which you didn’t) I was responding to a section that the author mentioned.

It’s interesting that you got this bent out of shape because you felt someone was talking about your precious piece of plastic.

Grow up inbreed, the only fanboy in this convo is clearly you.


crazyCoconuts35d ago

I respect a lot of the stuff you say here. You shouldn't say the pro was the biggest scam this generation though. It did what it was designed to do, and I'm happy I bought one.

Z50135d ago

The biggest scam was Kinect. At least the Pro has content. Can't say that about Kinect.

35d ago
Petebloodyonion35d ago

Somebody struck a nerve :)
Relax man it's a piece of plastic.

LiViNgLeGaCY35d ago

Wow, I bet you were just crying while you typed all that.

JustTheFax35d ago

Thanks for the laugh, that was good!

UltraNova35d ago

Ladies and Gents we have an MS General Shil in our midst.

r2oB35d ago (Edited 35d ago )


There have been 7 God of War games, 9 if you want to count mobile games. There have been 9 Halo games, 11 if you count mobile. Plus another one on the way.

Uncharted has 6 games and 2 spin-offs (mobile and card game). Gears of War has 6 games and 2 spin-offs (funco pop game and strategy game).

How do you expect people to take you seriously when what you say is nonsense? The reason people say Halo, Gears, Forza are tired franchises is because those are pretty much the only franchises Microsoft have that are worth anything. They do have a few new IPs sprinkled here and there, but again they haven’t made a big impact (other than Ori, I guess). This gen Sony has more new IPs than they do Uncharted or GoW games. Microsoft on the other hand has more Halo, Gears, Forza games this gen than new IPs.

BTW, the Kinect was the biggest scam, by definition, this gen. They coerced people to buy one by bundling it with the Xbox One claiming it was an integral part of the Xbox One. That was rather dishonest. Coming in a close second was the promise of the cloud enhancing the performance of the Xbox One. Lie.

Ratchet7535d ago

You should write a book next time. 😂😂

The Wood35d ago

The biggest scam this gen was the xbox. . . Ms Lied, deceived, over promised and under performed for the whole gen.

That essay of damage control is indicative of what ms has done to its fans.

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rainslacker35d ago

Gears 5 quality would have been more appreciable if it had come out 2-3 years ago, when the generation wasn't winding down. This game allows them to point towards a big recent game when they start to ramp up for next gen, because the last couple years, MS has only been setting themselves up for next gen, and they really don't care what happens this gen anymore.

One game won't rival Sony this gen. Especially since Sony seems to have a few games coming out for the rest of this gen which have the potential to overshadow this one game. But, when those start getting released, MS will be talking about how Halo on Scarlett is going to be the biggest thing ever.

Nu35d ago

Microsoft is in 3rd behind Nintendo. Microsoft needs to do some soul searching before they try taking on Sony.

Lexreborn235d ago

I just have one question for you....

Has it always been "Save & Grace" and not "Saving Grace"?

mrmikew201835d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Good point!! My bad, thanks for the correction. 👍🏿

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35d ago
Atom66635d ago

Some sites are subtle in their clickbait. Then there's this ccn site. Part of me appreciates the unabashed approach. I'm guessing it'll be successful in getting those clicks too.

But, no, Gears is doing what it was meant to do-- nothing more. It's a great game that reminds fans of what Xbox games should be: Strong SP, strong MP, and solid graphics. In other words, it's Gears.

Coming this late in the generation, it serves as a nice product for fans, and will likely act as a good show piece along with Halo to demonstrate the cross gen capabilities of Scarlet. It's obviously also meant to get people subbed to GP before next gen.

I suspect one of the new studios or second teams is working on that AAA, narrative-driven, 3rd person action adventure game meant to "compete" with Sony's offerings.

Let Gears just be Gears.

conanlifts35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

The initiative is led by the guy who rebooted tombraider and they have recruited a lot of Sony staff. Developers from uncharted and God of war have been poached. Should be interesting.


badz14935d ago

with just 1 game? HAHAHAHA seriously, how much money did MS spend for these suckers to write these ridiculous articles after the launch of Gears 5?

remember last gen when the media was sure as hell the PS4 is going to fail and the next xbox will dominate this gen due to the popularity of the 360 despite Sony releasing great exclusives one after another for the PS3 that put the 360's library to shame?

LOL so what has changed?

Petebloodyonion35d ago

Actually, the main problem with Gears 5 is the lack of articles by the main media (gamespot, Ign, etc)
Like I said in another post, Gamespot produced 10 articles since the release date (been 10 days) vs Bordeland 3 that already made 30+ in only 4 days.
Have you seen the numerous guide for Gears5? cause I haven't (Ign is currently showing more guide at the moment in the news feed for Batman ps4 due to PS+ compare to Gears that has only 1 for relic weapon).
Here's IGN Gears 5 wiki page

Mozillayaseen35d ago

MS needs more than Gears Of War to be able to rival Sony. Sony has more to offer its audience than MS.Let see what those studios they just bought will be able to do for them even tho MS should have done this when they entered the business.

rainslacker35d ago

Gears is mostly going to appeal to fans of the series. I'm sure if its good, it can pick up some new fans along the way, and going to PC can help that as well. But overall, MS needs to entice people who aren't otherwise interested in Xbox. Going towards PC doesn't mean they can't try and make something of their console, because if the Xbox console can't manage to make more headway in the market, then that just makes MS a game publisher on PC, who happen to have their own store, who they happen to not even keep their games exclusive to. I know MS motives on PC are different than the console market, but the Xbox brand rides on the console, and PC gamers aren't going to fight over if MS is the best thing ever like their console warriors do. To a PC gamer, MS is just another publisher, who now have a cheap game download service, which may or may not go anywhere when it becomes regular price.


And let's be honest here..that game coming out by Ninja Theory looks like shit.

ThoedEssay77334d ago

That is a side, second team project. Not from the team responsible for Hellblade.