Nintendo is bundling Switch Online membership with a few major games

Nintendo is introducing a new "perk" for the Switch Online service, but there's a catch. You can now subscribe to Switch Online and get a bundled discount price on select games, ranging from 11% to 15%. Not only is it mostly for new members, but it also offers very scant discounts to boot.

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roadkillers29d ago

Tetris 99 took all of my freetime.

pleasuretokill28d ago

Surprisingly very, very fun. What a great concept that game was...

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Dirtnapstor28d ago

Nice perk, but with a 20% off incentive from Best Buy, I’d purchase there instead.

KeenBean34528d ago (Edited 28d ago )

The games by themselves have been on sale for 33% off multiple times so this isn't that good

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