Details on Modern Warfare Cross Play coming Sept. 17

Activision and Infinity Ward have announced that they will be sharing details on how Cross Play will work in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on Tuesday, September 17.

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ilikestuff33d ago

Is this the first time they’re doing cross play? It’s cool that they’re doing it, they should hanged the gameplay back to the way they had it in the alpha. I had the game pre ordered because of the alpha and cancelled it after the beta. It played completely different

Welshy33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I wasn't sure if I'd adjusted to the recoil, or if it was reduced by quite a bit. Hearing someone else experience the same thing makes me think they've watered down alot of the changes.

On top of all the guns feeling more alike than the alpha handling wise, they caved on the no minimap thing in less than 48 hours. God forbid you need learn maps instead of running around like a headless chicken chasing red dots.

It would be a real wasted opportunity to shake up the franchise, much like COD4 did, if they started to roll back all the changes they originally planned and just revert to the vanilla COD we've had for years. They need to ignore all the casuals complaining and stick to their vision or COD will never change.

ilikestuff33d ago

The alpha was exciting for me, thought they were going to change it up, make it fresh and fun, I swear the alpha seemed to even look better to me too, not sure why they’re so scared to change, even like you said about the mini map. It’s a shamed we were so close to a new, fresh, exciting cod. Eh maybe next year. I’ll be playing borderlands this fall