Switch Third Party Developer Support: Has Nintendo Learned Its Lesson?

Nintendo used to take a hamfisted approach with developers but has the game company finally learned its third-party support lesson?

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Neonridr33d ago

It's definitely better than what we saw with the Wii U, but it will never be on par with MS or Sony. Nature of the beast.

Shiken33d ago

Yeah Nintendo has indeed learned their lesson. The real question now is simply which 3rd party devs want their games on Switch, and which ones do not want to put forth the effort.

Neonridr33d ago

as more and more Switches are sold by the millions you are starting to see devs see the benefit of putting a little effort into their projects and getting them on that device. Pretty soon the install base will be simply too big to ignore.

SkatterBrain33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Im Satisfied if The Best of the Best Last Gen Games come out on it, im really not expecting ps4 xbox one games on it, but the best games from ps3 and xbox 360 sign me up as long as the prices are $40 or less for these older games

TheColbertinator33d ago

Good progress but much work remains. Nintendo has to assure support for decades to come not just expect their hardware to pull in all their numbers

King_Noctis33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I agree. They should strive to get at least 70% to 80% of third party games that are on the market.

Currently it is a good start, but its not enough yet.

rockwhynot33d ago

It's bc of their new stance on third party support I pre - ordered a switch lite.