'Borderlands 3' PC Sales Reveal An Important Truth About The Epic Games Store

From Forbes: "When Gearbox announced that Borderlands 3 would launch as an Epic Games store exclusive, the backlash was deafening, or at least it seemed like it was deafening. The combination of the already-established anti-Epic community and the particularities of the Borderlands fanbase led to a major outcry with everything we have to expect from these controversies: claims of anti-consumer behavior, conspiracy theories, review bombing and threats of boycotts. Now that the game is out, however, we can get some idea of what that actually means when it comes to sales. And, as it would turn out, not much."

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Mr_Writer8535d ago (Edited 35d ago )

So either PC gamers who "boycotted" don't matter as they're a small percentage.

Or folded faster than superman on laundry day..

Whilst Epic are playing dirty, it has to be done if they're to stand any chance against Steam. They're their only direct competitors.

DrShoe35d ago

It reminds me of the PC gamers who were adamant that they'll boycott modern warfare 3, and still ended up buying it launch day. In that sense, it's not so surprising that they folded on borderlands 3.

KillZallthebeast35d ago

I really don't have any loyalty to a pc service, but one issue I have with the epic store is the anti consumer mindset. It lacks the ability to refund a game even if it launches completely broken, and also doesn't allow user reviews of any kind even for verified purchases.

Mr_Writer8535d ago


That, imo is a fair and reasonable gripe. However it's one that I imagine Epic will work on, they're surely not stupid enough to think only exclusively will work long term.

At some point in the near future they will have to bring up the quality of the service.

Pyrofire9535d ago

True on one end, there is a HUGE lack of even basic features, refunds being a pretty important one. But as of now the store is pretty curated so there's no chance a game would straight up be broken like they do on occasion with those random games on Steam.

KillZallthebeast35d ago

@pyro steam offers a refund xD

generic-user-name35d ago

Can't you just look up user reviews on other places like metacritic?

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shadowraiden35d ago

i kinda disagree on the whole it has to be done if they want to stand any chance. no it has to be done when they dont want to invest time into making their store actually better.
they are doing this because its just easier to force exclusives onto their platform/store then spending a bit of time to make a store that not only gives dev's more money but also has more features then steam. there is plenty of features they could look into that would put them ahead of steam and make EGS a better store and guess what that would get people to move onto their store.

pleasuretokill35d ago

ummm... the all time peak concurrent players for Borderlands 2 was about 124,000. Meaning they had 250k players online at one time. PUBG had almost 600k online at peak today. If they would have released this game on Steam and everywhere, they would have had well over 500k online day 1. 250k for a game of that magnitude in 2019 is not really impressive. There are WAY more PC gamers now than there were in 2012. I first downloaded Steam in 2012, and I remember there were about 4-6 million people online every day in 2012. Now, in 2019, Steam NEVER drops below 9 million people. The peak today on a regular Monday was over 16 MILLION people. How many of those do you think would have been online day 1? 500k would have been bare minimum. Possibly 700k or more. 250k? Childs play in 2019 for a game like this.

Mr_Writer8535d ago


Paragraphs are your friend.

No one wants to read a wall of text.

Christopher35d ago

* "the all time peak concurrent players for Borderlands 2 was about 124,000"
* "they had 250k players online at one time"
* "PUBG had almost 600k online at peak today"
* "they would have had well over 500k online day 1"

Why would anyone think an extremely popular game having 124k would suddenly see a sequel match an established and online-only game ranking that is 5x greater and when both have the exact same online co-op features but lack any PvP elements, which are what tends to drive most popular MP activity in games?

None of what you just said really makes much sense. a 250k bump, which is double the peak of BL2, actually makes a ton of sense and shows an increase in co-op play on PC alone.

pleasuretokill35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

@Christopher Borderlands, as a franchise is one of the biggest AAA titles in the world. PC gaming has grown exponentially since 2012. I have the numbers for people online overall concurrently above for Steam as I have been on Steam since 2012. Going from 3-6 million people online every day to 9-16 million is an INSANE jump. So, back in 2012, BL2 had 124k people online at it's peak.

Borderlands 3 SUPPOSEDLY (this is lyin Randy we are talking about here, he has everything to gain and all the face in the world to save by lying here) had 250k online at one time. First of all I doubt he's being honest. Second of all, there are literally over 3 times as many people online on Steam everyday than there were in 2012. Do you not think that releasing on Steam and GoG and everywhere would have seen a doubling of that number? I think 500k would have been a simple, very basement bottom line. I think there would have been 10s of thousands more. But, they sold out and released on one terrible platform. Now Randy has to save face to try and make it look good (but, you notice he doesn't provide any actual numbers or proof...)

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Rachel_Alucard35d ago

The player retention rate might not agree with the sales in the long term however.

xVOLTx35d ago

My reasons go beyond Epic. Randy Pitchford is a .....

Christopher35d ago

Randy isn't much of a person to admire let alone talk about in a good way.

But how is denying playing a game you can enjoy going to show support of the hundreds of other people who aren't Randy and made the game? You think Randy is going to lose out by a less than successful game or is it the employees under him?

Profchaos35d ago

But the boycott wouldn't matter at that point the article was arguing that the vocal minority were actually the ones threatening the boycott the others couldn't be bothered arguing and just carried on their way

Rachel_Alucard35d ago

Reminder as well, we've had many titles who sold way more then their previous entries but they went on to be financial failures because anyone who was into it already bought and nobody new was coming in. RE6, Dragon age 2, Destiny 2, and many others all sold way more at launch then their previous entries but dropped off fast. Alot of the Borderlands revenue comes from post release content and I can't see this game selling that much more then it already has due to it's issues and other factors. The people playing it now are the highest it'll ever reach until April.

xVOLTx35d ago

There are just some people who don't care or just don't want to do the research themselves to see how bad Epic really is.

nyu135d ago

bullshit, most people who do the research wouldn't give a damn.

Epic is one of the most respected companies in game dev because of what they do with Unreal and a lot of other stuff (including just handing out money to developers for free in grants).

I don't really care about an inferior launcher, and I have a hard time buying any of the slippery slope arguments I've heard about it.

Rachel_Alucard35d ago

Epic is good for the industry in that it gives out funding yes but the consumer side is the one taking the piss. No surprise consumers are against it and devs love it. Publishers especially.

TheRealTedCruz35d ago

Being a respected company doesn't make your digital store any less crap. They're just throwing around their Fortnite money; looking like jackasses in the process.

2pacalypsenow35d ago

You think most consumers do research?


Christopher35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

And then there are people who make statements like this without any actual proof when what is out there is the known elements that are easily overlooked by the mass majority of people as "not an issue" but then think there's something to really research here as condemning of a company compared to their competition or other major publishers.

Bwremjoe35d ago

"I am right because others are wrong". Bravo sir.

jjb198135d ago

I wanted the PC version, I didnt want to support Epic so I bought the PS4 version. I have a 2080 Ti and I know it would have run buttery smooth but I dont like what the Epic store is doing.

generic-user-name35d ago

Congrats, you played yourself. You buying the Ps4 version isn't going to make epic stop, nor should they, finally Steam has some real competition. The short sighted here can't see that competition is good, but they will one day.

jjb198134d ago

Epic store is garbage. I'm tired of opening a launcher that updates everyday. I don't like their practices. I'm perfectly fine with my decision and I will never buy any timed exclusives through Epic. Steam is just the better platform overall. Unless they actually have cheaper release-day prices they're not not competing with Steam.

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