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Tanzer from Mega Cat Studios offers up a brand new and exciting Hack & Slash adventure for your Sega Genesis or Master Drive system. The thrilling gameplay retains a solid 60 frames per second, delivering an intense experience that that looks phenomenal on the Analogue Mega Sg. Fans of the iconic Strider franchise will find so much to love here.

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ContraCode33d ago

I loved Strider! This is something I might have to add to the collection. Any other extras inside outside of the manual?

BootHammer33d ago

Strider is a classic! With the physical copy of Tanzer, you get the Genesis or Mega drive case, cart and colored manual. The quality of everything is fantastic. The manual could have been a tad thicker, but overall it looks like a legit release from the 90s ;b

ContraCode33d ago

Cool, I'll definitely check it out, thanks.