Best PS5 Games: All the titles we want on Sony’s next-gen console

"Trusted Reviews has compiled some of the best ps5 games, whether they be upcoming, rumoured or simply a pipedream in our gaming fantasies." By Jade King

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lxeasy35d ago

I personally can't wait for God of War 5. i wonder how much a time jump they are going to do. I am really interested in Atreus story.

UltraNova35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Atreus taking the mantle from Kratos as the new GoW? I'm not ready to let go of Kratos yet, not now that he finally has depth as a character. They can both co-exist like the reboot.

As for a next gen wish list.

1) Demon Souls full remake or DeS2
2) Bloodborne 2
3) Killzone or Resistance reboot
4) MAG 2
5) GoW 2
6) A new superhero game by SP.
7) A space sci fi 3rd person rpg by Kojima.

I could go on...

on_line_forever35d ago

Dragon dogma 2 , final fantasy Viii Remake , legend of dragon remake , parasite eve 1 & 2 remake , Dark souls 4 , Vagrant story remake , Silent Hill 1 remake, Castlevania 3

This is my wish list for next generation

nucky6435d ago

GoW5 is at the top of my list. pushing close behind is:
demon souls2
bloodborne 2
days gone 2
new syphon filter
new jak and daxter
new killzone (as long as it's battlefield heavy like KZ1/2)

NarutoFox35d ago

We definitely need a new Syphon filter and Socom.

Knightofelemia35d ago

Wild Arms is a franchise I have been waiting for still ticked Sony has forgotten that franchise on PS3 and now PS4.

Retroman35d ago

Where is Ratchet and Clank?? should be on PS5 since no info on next PS4 title.

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