Hideo Kojima Answers Our Questions About Death Stranding

From Game Informer: "The last week has been a busy one for Hideo Kojima. Even with Death Stranding in the final stretch approaching release, the legendary creator took the stage at Tokyo Game Show for two separate live presentations showing off his unique and difficult-to-explain project. While we learned a lot from watching those demonstrations, they also raised many questions about how Death Stranding works and what it tries to convey. What is the goal behind the asynchronous multiplayer? What do "likes" do? How has the game changed since its inception? To get the answers to these questions and more, we visited the Kojima Productions studio in Tokyo for an interview with Hideo Kojima himself."

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DaDrunkenJester33d ago

The answer to the realism question is what pushes me away from this title. I know some people like ultra realism, survival aspects... but when you pair that up with the fact that most of the game, as he said, is walking and carrying things... it just sounds, boring.

Zeke6833d ago

Your DS comments sounds, boring.
We have all seen how you have posted "anti-Deathstranding" ; comments in EVERY Death Stranding article the last year (if not more) so no way you ever thought of buying this game to begin with. Shouldn't you focus on a game you ACTUALLY want to play instead ?! Just a thought.
Let us who are really interested in this game buy it, and hopefully, enjoy it. You can save your energy for a game you want to play instead...

DaDrunkenJester33d ago

I'm actually very interested in DS, hence me following all stories and reading interviews. Apparently voicing some concerns about a game means I never had interest or will never buy it. More than likely i'll wait for a price drop.

IRetrouk33d ago

i get your concerns but nowhere in this interview does kojima state that most of your time is spent walking and carrying, he even took a swipe at people calling it a walking sim, we have seen plenty of things besides walking and carrying, including weapons, vehicles and atleast 3 types of enemies, you can like or not like what you want, but you have never seemed interested in this game, almost everyone of your comments has been negative, and this for a game you are supposedly interested in?...ok then.

PurpHerbison33d ago

I love when someone can make a simple comment that doesn't even cross any lines, not rude what so ever... And people get so angry... over a video game. Like you actually affected people to the point they felt the need to lash out at you. That is so strange.

Chumdiddy33d ago

I'm definitely gonna grab it but it's not always a good sign when a creator has to preemptively say that "you might not get it" with regard to their work/art. That and other things here read a lot like hedging.

I get what he's saying and I think I get what he wants to do. Outside of specific plot points I think I have an idea of what DS will try to evoke from me and impart to me. That doesn't automatically mean it'll be good.

We'll see. I trust this guy to make stuff I'll like and he's never let me down. Well, I didn't really care for Zone of The Enders. Other than that he hasn't let me down.

Veneno33d ago

I was really hoping that when Kojima made his first independent game that it would be like how terrific PT was. PT was all about the experience and did not over complicate things. DS has all sorts of needless and uninteresting rubbish that it numbs your brain. Yes keep the weirdness from all of the cutscenes but make the game play engaging, not dull.

Chumdiddy32d ago

I also wished for more of a straightforward title. I love how insane MGS is but I wouldn't necessarily want another series with an equally insane plot lol

So far with DS the stuff that's throwing me is the product placement. Monster Energy? Norman's dumbass motorcycle show? Where do they fit in a world that has been devastated in any way?

THC CELL33d ago

Orvillle had a brilliant idea for likes 👍

sampsonon33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

what i love about all this is that even with all the demos and trailers, interviews and articles, i am going into the game fresh and without bias.

i will let the game dictate whether i like it or not, not other people. especially people that want to hate it.

Veneno33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Fair enough. At the same time don't let your bias toward Kojima delude you into believing it's good either.

Listen man the reason there's so much skepticism is because flat out the game play does not look good. We want to love Kojimas games. We love him. But that doesn't blind all of us into believing that a dull looking game is great when it's not.

sampsonon33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I am not a fan of Kojima in anyway. I don't think i have ever finished one of his games. but like i said, i will let the game decide whether i like it or not.

One thing it has that i want to see is mads mikkelsen's character. I want to see and how he fits into this narrative.
I am intrigued to say the least.

let me put it this way as well. a great story with above par gameplay is the same as great gameplay and above par stories. now if the story is bad and the gameplay is bad then i will wish i never bought the game.
we will see.

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