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From Nintendo Everything: "Maybe I’ve just been playing the wrong games for the last few years, but I genuinely can’t remember the last time a game made me smile quite as much as I have whilst playing Ni no Kuni. Despite the minor inconveniences that can emerge through its UI and combat, the entire package amounts to something truly magical. The story, its characters and its setting have been firmly planted in my head now, through a mixture of excellent writing and thoughtful design. It’s a rare breed of game – one that manages to exude creativity and tasteful implementation at almost every turn, all without ever feeling overburdened or elongated. Am I a JRPG convert? I’m not so sure, but what I do know is that Ni no Kuni’s sequel is now in my Steam library, and I see myself losing another 60 hours to it in the not so distant future – and God help me if it ever makes its way to the Switch."

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