Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's most controversial change lasted all of two days in the beta

From VG247: "It is very clear the vocal members of the Call of Duty community did not appreciate Modern Warfare’s lack of minimap.

One of the biggest gameplay changes Infinity Ward revealed for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been dropping the minimap for a PUBG-style compass that sits at the top of the screen."

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vacojir36d ago

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ilikestuff36d ago

The alpha was better than the beta, felt better, played better, like your person was a real person, guns had kick. The beta changed everything back to same old cod

monkey60235d ago

My thoughts exactly. The Alpha peaked my interest. I liked the kick off the weapons and the new flow.

Then the beta came along and had all the same typical CoD Hitboxes with spawn camping and Killstreaks so I lost all interest again.

1nsomniac35d ago

Absolutely no way. Alpha was utter garbage. Beta is better in every single way possible.

Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or don’t know what alpha and beta mean. Alpha was your typical COD crap. The beta actually felt really good and much more of a proper game instead of the cheap garbage they release every year.

ilikestuff35d ago


I feel like you got the two mixed up. The alpha had the 2v2 gun fights. It played great in my opinion. If u like the beta better, that stuff from this weekend, then we’re gonna have to agree to disagree

D3TH_D33LR35d ago

It’s as if people are able to have game modes they do and don’t enjoy...

execution1735d ago

Loved the alpha, felt like it was heading in a good direction but after the beta.... Kind of feels like the same ole

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KyRo36d ago

It just shows that COD fans don't like rembering maps, learning flanking routes, listening to audio etc to get kills. They just chase red dots. It was a lot better without the minimap. I feel sorry for IW. Theyre trying to push things in new directions and people cry for the way it used to be. At least realistic mode will have us covered.

ramiuk136d ago (Edited 36d ago )

i agree i liked no minimap ,you had to be more aware and alert in the game.
the compass at top was much better imo
the minim,ap isnt on all time,just when a uav is active so its not too bad,without that i suppose UAV is pointless

Reborn36d ago

Well, exactly.

They added a mode for players who want that realistic feel and that is OK. Some people didnt want it and they tried to accommodate both kind of players. Nothing wrong with that, it isn't compromising the general direction of the game at all. No mini-map isn't ganna fix the fact the guy you just killed after hearing his footsteps will respawn right behind you and kill you.

They got a lot of work to do on bigger issues than mini-maps.

nowitzki200436d ago

Their fanbase keept buying their copy and pasted games. Why should they change at this point? They would be the idiots. I appreciate them trying to make changes with this COD it has gained more of my attention.

good_sk8er36d ago

No minimap was great. I can't believe they're going to add it back. The compass made way more sense.

UnholyLight36d ago

Yeah Im glad they kept a realistic mode but they should just stick to their guns. At least this was a change toward a better gameplay experience

SeanScythe36d ago

Even though its back gun fire and enemy's don't show up on the radar unless uav is active. The map is there and shows teammates only it doesn't even show when they die. Their arrow just disappears, so it's not giving away enemy positions.

BenRC0136d ago

If they bend to the will of a vocal minority on a cod forum this game is doomed. Have a vision and stick to it.
Not like we won't have another next year, take some risks!

JustTheFax36d ago

Sounds like Hardcore mode, they still have that right?

Sciurus_vulgaris35d ago

The franchise since MW 2 has been designed to cater to players of low skill. I was a hardcore Starcraft 2 player and I became very aware of how the game was designed and balanced. Blizzard never balances Starcraft 2 based on the feedback of low skilled players. Blizzard instead balanced and designed the title around high skill play, and players were expected to learn the game and get better. Call of Duty is unfortunately very successful due to its focus on skill gap compression.

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Welshy36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I wish they'd stuck to their guns with no radar. With the beta being so short, no minimap was quite jarring at first since you didn't have map knowledge to fill the gap, I feel like in the long run it would have been fine and actually changed the gameplay up for once.

R6 Siege is a good example of a game I'm totally comfortable with despite not having a map since over time I learned the maps so it wasn't needed eventually. It prevents cancerous pre-firing while halo jumping round corners with SMG's that is so prevalent in COD. Any pre-fire or knowledge of enemy positions come from sound cues etc making it way more skill based than just chasing red dots on a map like moth to a flame.

80% of COD gameplay is playing via the minimap like GTA on the PS1 and 20% actually looking at your surroundings during gunfights. It would've been nice to change that up for once and give people time to adjust to see how beneficial or otherwise it would be in the long run.

jjb198136d ago

I've been babied the last 10 games because I was a red dot chaser. It brings me back to the old days of other multiplayer shooters. It feels so much better to actually have to learn the map and find good routes to flank and scope from. I had to put my headphones on and listen for footsteps and it was great. IW should definitely keep the minimap turned off.

Welshy36d ago

That's why the longer I've been gaming, the more I'm swaying towards Siege or the more compact, limited time/spawn modes of other shooters.

Sure it's frustrating at first when someone who knows the map better than you pops you from seemingly nowhere, but further down the line when you have the map knowledge and you use the sneaky lines of sight etc it feels good knowing that you grew and improved to pull it off.

Chasing red dots mindlessly on a map killing time for 15mins straight is fine for a while, but it gets old real quick for me now.

ginsunuva34d ago

Also it's huge and takes up so much screen

Razmiran34d ago

It also draws my attention too much
I dont know if I can turn it off, but I feel that im at a disadvantage if everyone but me has it

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